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Acrylic Prints to Beautify Your Home

If you didn't know much about custom acrylic prints till now, then this page is exactly what you need to go through to make your first opinion on something that is so attention-grabbing. Photos on acrylic can literally make your favourite photos come alive on the walls of your home. Gives the right level of luminosity to your photos. Expresses colours in the images vibrantly and vividly. Fantastic print longevity and fade-resistance.

Professionals, home-makers and even artists love to make their photo looks better through the best mediums which are why acrylic prints are perfect for anyone! Get to showcase your photos with a super-crisp clarity with accurate details on acrylic prints. So if you are ready to go one step further with these, then we are here to help you design your very own photos on acrylic with us.

Acrylic Wall Displays

Acrylic Wall Displays

People who love artistic displays can consider taking a look at acrylic printed wall displays to get the gallery-feel in their homes or office spaces. Group a story through photos and get them printed on custom acrylic wall displays of various shapes and sizes to give a beautiful overall effect to a wall.

Split Acrylic Prints

Split Acrylic Prints

Layout a beautiful image by splitting it into several acrylic prints to give a robust and dramatic effect. It provides a splendid mosaic impact of your photo to make it the overview a pleasing visual. With different stylings of the split panels, you can make acrylic displays truly enigmatic in any of your space.

Acrylic Photo Collage

Acrylic Photo Collage

Get a spectacular option to convert your photos into a collage on acrylic! Get to shine all the best memories that you have had with your friends and family by getting them printed on the acrylic photo collage. Get to choose various templates to arrange your photos and make it stylish the way you want!

Gift Acrylic Prints the Way You Want

Find three options of hardware to help you decide how to gift acrylic prints

Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks

  • Highlight that one beautiful memory on acrylic block
  • Custom pieces to help you define the perfect depth
  • Polished edges for better viewing
Acrylic Table Stand

Acrylic Table Stand

  • Ageless tabletop display with acrylic glass
  • Helps you emphasize the vibrancy of colours
  • Available is custom sizes for best visual pleasure

What You Get With the Acrylic Prints


    Vibrant Colour


    More Durable


    Easy Cleaning


    Hardware Included

frequently asked questions

Can photos taken from phone work to create a print on acrylic?

Yes, photos taken on iPhone or any Android can definitely work if you want to create smaller sized-acrylic prints. Larger sizes would need software to enhance the photo quality of the photos taken through a smartphone.

What is the largest acrylic print size possible to produce?

It depends on company to company. CanvasChamp can produce 48”x48” as the largest size in acrylic prints for you. For more bigger ones, you need to contact us via email with the specification that you need.

What’s the best way to clean acrylic photos?

Any non-abrasive cleaner works the best. However, don’t wipe the back of the acrylic where the image is printed or it might end up scratching the print of the photo. Wiping the front gently will remove dust to give a better view.

Can you work out an acrylic print from old photographs?

Yes, we can make out acrylic photo prints from old photographs, drawings and paintings which are scannable or can be digitized. Although, the results are often better with the original photo itself to work out from.

Can you do custom sizes in acrylic prints?

Yes, we can. You can choose a size from 8”x8” to 48”x48” for any number of quantities. If you need any smaller or bigger than the given options then you can email us with your specifications.

Do acrylic prints fade or warp?

The method we use to produce acrylic prints provides no risk in fading. Although, it might fade if exposed to direct sunlight over a length of time. Hence, it is best to keep it indoors in comfortable environmental conditions to prevent any fading from happening.