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Canvas Champ Reviews

It is not every day when you look down at a picture and it makes you smile. When that smile stays on your lips for a while, you know the picture is special; it has meaning! To help you preserve your smile, we put our heart and soul into creating a canvas print out of your precious memory.

With full confidence, we can tell you that we handle your memory with care, only using high quality tools to ensure your canvas print brightens up your room. Now, we would like you to return the favor and bring a smile to our face.

We want to hear from you—the customers, reviewers —of how you liked our canvas print. Were we able to make a happy customer out of you? Check the reputation of CanvasChamp. Read real Canvas Champ customer reviews. Leave us a shout out on our page and help us become even better!

Uncensored Canvas Champ Reviews and Testimonials

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    1 Day(s) ago. 10th December 2018

    It was quick and easy. I'll buy again for sure

    -by Caroline

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    Thanks a bunch for the free shipping and free 12x12 canvas :)

    -by Vicki

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    love shopping with you guys

    -by Tanya

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    Thanks for an easy to use interface.

    -by Live W

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    This will be the sixth time I have used Canvas Champ. Each time very happy!

    -by Dianna

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    Ordered and received a personalised pillow for a gift and love it. Will be ordering quite a few now

    -by Sharon

    review icon
    2 Day(s) ago. 9th December 2018

    Easy website

    -by Welna

    review icon
    3 Day(s) ago. 8th December 2018

    Site was easy to use

    -by Jodie

    review icon
    3 Day(s) ago. 8th December 2018

    not the best but quite acceptable

    -by brian

    review icon
    3 Day(s) ago. 8th December 2018

    Shopping was easy but still don’t have my voucher

    -by Stephanie

    review icon
    3 Day(s) ago. 8th December 2018

    I’m not sure if I’ll recommend or return until I receive the items.

    -by Hayley

    review icon
    4 Day(s) ago. 7th December 2018

    website was great to use. postage was a bit steep, but that aus post fault

    -by James

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    Canvas Champ Reviews and Customer Ratings


    Canvas Champ Reviews On Facebook

    Excellent - Quality and Price both are impressive, Thanks!!
    Nov 11, 2015
    Judith Barnett
    Ordered my canvas on Friday 14th around lunch time, paid for express shipping with an estimated delivery date of 27th August, canvas arrived today 17th August from INDIA!!! Canvas is beautiful, this is the second time I have bought from you and the second time the canvas has arrived very quickly, you will be getting more business out of me
    Aug 17, 2015
    Cj Ahrens
    Thank you so much Canvas Champ for having the best artwork upload system of any canvas printer right now. I am pleased to see the quality of the canvas print which you deliver quicker than my expectation. Excellent Quality, Best Pricing and Fast Delivery Service. I'm Impressed. Thanks!!
    May 20, 2015
    Hannah Aniston
    Words can describe the quality the price and a very good delivery turnaround ... I am a professional photographer for a living and I wanted to try something new I will be back ... thank you .
    May 10, 2015
    Ffiona Jane Erskine
    Thank you for the excellent, fast, inexpensive service, the way it was wrapped was perfect, I love the quality, very happy, thanks again
    Apr 13, 2015
    Fulvia Hickman
    My photo was fantastic very happy with it ! Great service and speedy delivery will use you again and will tell my friends about your business thank you
    Apr 11, 2015
    Cheryl Markham
    AMAZING!....I am beyond happy with the results of the 2 canvases I ordered and how fast they arrived. My canvases are stunning I really didn't think they would turn out as good as they have!!!!....Thank you. I love the quality just brilliant and the price is great I do enjoy the free postage...(keep doing that) I got them this afternoon and was sooooo happy that I got back on line and ordered another one. Thank you for your amazing work! You have a customer in me now! THANK YOU
    Mar 12, 2015
    D'Arhne Critchley
    Thank you for your great prices, excellent service and fast delivery. The quality of the canvases are amazing!!!
    Jan 23, 2015
    Rebecca Heywood
    I placed my first order late last week and it arrived today. I am blown away by the quality of the canvas prints I ordered and the fast turn around. I will definitely be using Canvas Champ again. I just love my prints. Thanks so much.
    Jan 14, 2015
    Suzi Weeks
    I just received my canvas today and it is absolutely perfect! The price was amazing and after a very speedy delivery the product well and truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks canvas champ!
    Dec 17, 2014
    Megan Blair
    I would like to thank and compliment you on your STUNNING service, awesome turn around & delivery time, amazing prices and exceptional print quality. My recent order with you took 7 days from time of upload to your site to receipt…. This is very impressive and I was blown away with the quality of your work. I placed this order on behalf of a friend and when he came to collect these canvas’ from me he was speechless and they brought him to tears. Such a wonderful reaction as you have produced some very high quality canvas’s that he will treasure for many years to come. Thanks again for the STUNNING quality and service. Keep up the fantastic work. I would highly recommend your services to family, friends and anyone wanting a quality canvas print.
    Dec 4, 2014
    Shelley Henry

    Canvas Champ Reviews from External Sources

    It is almost Quinn’s 2nd birthday and starting to gather all of Quinn’s beautiful picture’s I have taken over the past two years. I came across Canvas Champ online which was easy to use and print.
    People, apologies for any alarm I may cause but this is a public service announcement to advise that it’s officially December and christmas is only 23 DAYS AWAY. I’ll wait here while you wail, tear your hair out, scream, run around aimlessly and/or bury your head in the sand
    I am so lazy when it comes to photos. I take a million of them, (99% of them being Milla, fancy that!) however I rarely ever do anything with them, apart from just sharing them to Instagram and Facebook. I always think about getting them printed out and making an album, or hanging them around the house, but that’s about as far as I get, just thinking about it.
    It’s that time of year, when I go through all the photos of the year that’s been, decide what to use in my ‘year in review post’ (which is coming soon!), what to turn into an album ( I sort of made a 300+ page album of Henry’s first year- a tad big, oops), and what to get printed and framed, or send to family.
    I'm currently sitting here with a snuggly puppy on my lap who wants endless cuddles because she's cold and I can't wait tell you about what we've been up to this week!