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Human Shaped Pillow

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Human Shaped Pillow
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    Why Buy Human Shaped Pillow from CanvasChamp?

    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    • Lowest Price in The Market

    Unique Design Ideas for Custom Human Pillows

    Unique Design Ideas for Custom Human Pillows

    Fancy turning your precious memories into something you can cuddle up with? Let us guide you through our unique design ideas for human-shaped pillows. Dive in and discover how to create a perfect piece of comfort that's as Aussie as it gets! 

    • Surf's Up: Print a human pillow with a picture of you riding the waves at Bondi Beach or chilling by the seaside, bringing coastal vibes into your living room. 
    • City Landmarks: With your photo superimposed, a silhouette of the Sydney Opera House or Melbourne's skyline could be a unique way to celebrate urban life. 
    • Barbecue Buddies: A custom human pillow featuring a photo from a family barbecue, a cherished Aussie tradition, would make a heartwarming addition to your living space. 
    • Outdoor Adventures: Get a human body pillow with an image of your family hiking in the Blue Mountains or camping in the Outback, immortalising your shared adventures. 
    • Pet Companions: Create a heartwarming human pillow featuring your four-legged friend against the backdrop of your favourite Aussie locale, a comforting reminder of your pet's companionship. 

    Embrace the Uniqueness with Our Custom-Made Human Shaped Pillows

    What if you could hold onto your favourite memories as something tangible, a comforting object to hug during lonely times or a unique piece of home decor? Welcome to the world of our human body pillows! Crafted with passion and precision, these human pillows bring your photos to life, letting you immortalise your best moments or your beloved ones in the softest form possible. 

    Each custom human pillow is made from premium materials, ensuring a great look, touch, and feel. From family photos to selfies to cherished pet images, these human pillows add a uniquely personal touch to your space. But, of course, no two pillows are the same - just like no two memories or people are. So now, isn't that a cushion worth snuggling with?

    Know More About Human Pillow

    Get ready to add a delightful dash of personality to your home, mates! Dive into the fascinating world of our personalised human pillows, designed with a touch of Australian charm and an abundance of comfort.

    Cost: Custom Human Pillows at the Best Price 

    Have you ever thought that comfort and customisation could be luxurious yet affordable? At CanvasChamp, we're all about making that dream a reality! Our custom human-shaped pillows are crafted with attention to detail and offered at prices that won't dig deep into your pockets. Every Aussie should be able to enjoy a bit of personal touch in their home decor without breaking the bank. So, dive into our collection today starting from A$369.99 and discover how luxury can be budget-friendly too!  

    Material: Explore the Polyester Plush of Our Human Pillows

    Ever craved a human pillow that feels like a cloud and looks like a dream? Meet the ultra-soft polyester plush of our custom human body pillows. With CanvasChamp, you're not just investing in a human pillow but a comforting companion that promises an irresistibly soft touch and a superior feel. We've meticulously sourced the best material that marries softness with durability, giving you a cuddly masterpiece that stands the test of time. So, why wait? Snuggle into the plush comfort of your favourite memories today!

    Shipping: Discover Our Express Shipping Options 

    No matter where you are in Australia, we at CanvasChamp deliver your personalised human pillows straight to your doorstep. We pride ourselves in our quick and reliable shipping services because we believe comfort should always take your time!

    Sizes: Custom Human Pillows for All

    Want a pillow that's just the right size for a good cuddle? Look no further than CanvasChamp's human-sized body pillows. Whether it's a small 125 CM pillow perfect for a cosy corner or a larger 175 CM version to make a statement on your sofa, we've got you covered. We offer sizes to suit every need, including 125 CM, 150 CM, and 175 CM. So now you can choose the perfect size to fit your space and style while keeping your favourite memories close!

    Our shipping timeframe is divided into three distinct categories:

    • Priority shipping – Delivery in 5 to 7 business days*
    • Express shipping – Delivery in 5 to 8 business days*
    • Standard shipping – Delivery in 12 to 14 business days*

    Wholesale: B2B Opportunities with Custom Human Pillows

    Looking to bring a touch of personalised comfort to your retail space or planning a large event? At CanvasChamp, we offer our delightful, custom-made Personalised Human Pillows at wholesale rates. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can extend the warmth and uniqueness of these custom human-shaped pillows to your customers or guests without stretching your budget. Enjoy top-notch quality, unbeatable prices, and a whole lot of charm with our wholesale offerings.  

    Design tool: Easy as One, Two, Zzz... 

    Now, transforming your favourite memories into human cuddle pillows is as easy as a walk in the park, thanks to CanvasChamp's intuitive design tool. So, take the reins of creativity and make your own unique designs from Down Under! 

    1. Visit our design tool
    2. Choose the size
    3. Upload your desired photo
    4. Preview your design
    5. Pay and wait for delivery

    FAQs on Personalised Human Pillow

    What is a human pillow?

    A Human Pillow is not your regular pillow. Instead, it's a customisable cushion where you can print any human-shaped photo – it could be your own, a loved one's, or even your favourite celeb's! This fun, personalised piece brings a touch of Aussie humour and warmth to your home decor.

    Where to buy a custom human-size pillow in Australia?

    Visit CanvasChamp's online store to design and purchase your personalised human pillow in Australia. From uploading your favourite photos to selecting the perfect size, we offer an easy and interactive customisation process to help you create the ideal comfy keepsake.

    How much is a life-size human-shaped pillow?

    The price of a life-sized human pillow can differ substantially based on factors such as the degree of personalisation, the fabric used, and the dimensions of the pillow. To obtain the most precise and current pricing details, we suggest you either check out the CanvasChamp website or contact our customer support team.

    How to make a custom human pillow?

    CanvasChamp makes crafting a bespoke custom human body pillow delightfully simple.

    1. Upload a high-resolution photo of your choice.
    2. You can further personalise the pillow by adding text.
    3. Once you're happy with your design, review your order.
    4. Make a secure payment and wait for your customised human pillow to be delivered to your doorstep.