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Photo Blankets for Perfect Comfort

Photo Blankets for Perfect Comfort

Cherish the best of your memories during your rough times by snuggling in a photo blanket! Our personalised photo blankets will take your chilling time to a whole new level. With three materials available in photo blankets, namely fleece, sherpa and woven, you can make your photos comfort you in the best way.

Also, you can gift something so comfortable for your friends and family too! No more worrying about what to get for your loved ones on their special occasions. Just delight them with photos on blankets and you are good to go!

Our editing tool online will let you upload your favourite photos and customise them in your very own way to create fantastic concepts on custom photo blankets. Consider using captions, messages or even clip art to make it funkier!

Start Your Photo Blanket Printing

Three Types of Custom Photo Blankets

Get to check out three fabrics that we make your photo blankets with

  • Fleece Blankets

    Fleece Blankets

    The fabric is 100% polyester which gives a perfect softness to your snuggles and cuddles with a light-weight touch.

  • Fleece Sherpa Blankets

    Fleece Sherpa Blankets

    Woollen feel with polyester fabric will keep your baby extra-warm and pamper gently with this fabric.

  • Woven Blankets

    Woven Blankets

    The fabric is 100% cotton which makes it perfectly vibrant to display your pictures on sofa, bed or even on a wall.

Custom Photo Blankets for Personalised Comfort

Here’s more information on personalising your photo blankets

Personalized Photo Blankets for Australia

Our weather is unpredictable and so are the times now! To cope with all the stressful lives and hustling routines, take time out to pamper yourself, your loved or even your friends by getting a photo blanket showcasing your favourite memories.

Our personalised photo blankets will help you achieve all the factors that you need in a gift. Photo blankets can be customised, personal, decorative and comfy too! Not only can it be pretty but also display some good times spent together as printed photos on it!

Here’s when you can think of gifting photo blankets to anyone:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduation Day
  • Housewarming parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Baby showers
  • Christmas or other holiday seasons

Woven Blankets for a Homey Decor

People usually keep a handy shawl or a stole somewhere on a chair when there is a need to snuggle. But it usually ends up being used the females of the house. But what about men?

Woven photo blankets are unisex snuggling items which you can keep as a decorative cover on your sofa, chair or bed and even snuggle with your favourite person in it! With 100% cotton material, it can become a timeless decor piece for your comfort anywhere in the home.

Multi-Purpose Custom-Made Photo Blankets

CanvasChamp offers you a wide selection of materials and sizes to help you design your photo blankets in loving memory of your favourite times. You can use it to curl up with a hot beverage and book, snuggle with your partner in it or even wrap your little baby to pamper with the rich softness of the materials for a sound sleep!

Easy to Customize as 1,2,3!

You might wonder that customising such a blanket might be tough and complicated. With our easy to use and user-friendly designing tool, you can personalise your photos on a blanket in just a few minutes!

With a myriad of options to customise with, you can now relax even better with your favourite moments literally wrapped around you!

Choose from three kinds of fabrics to make your blanket with us:

  • Fleece
  • Fleece Sherpa
  • Woven

And we provide two options in sizes: 50”x60” and 60”x80” to engulf you and your special one completely!

Personalise your Comfort with Photo Blankets

Australia usually sees bad weathers every now and then, which is why you would want to comfort each of your family members and friends well during such times, right?

Get to gift your near ones happy memories that your cherished together printed on custom photo blankets. It would make them feel as if you are literally hugging them with the blanket!

Gift photo blankets to your friends, acquaintances and even those neighbours who are hard-to-please to melt their hearts.

Get the Best Sleep with your Memories Upclose

Knowing how stressful lives we live, it only makes sense to have some items at arm’s reach to help you comfort every now and then. Get yourself a photo blanket to hug yourself tight with all the triumphing memories printed on it.


How to wash a photo blanket?

All personalised photo blankets from CanvasChamp are easy to wash in a machine itself. You can put them in a cold or lukewarm cycle to clean them perfectly.

Can the photos fade with time on the photo blankets?

No, photos on the personalised photo blankets will not fade in any way. But they might fade if you keep them exposed under direct sunlight for too long.

I want to print more than one photo on the blanket. Is it possible?

Yes, you can print up to four photos on our custom photo blankets through layout options available on our editing tool.

Do you have fringes for all fabric photo blankets?

No, we only provide fringes in the woven photo blankets as they are weaved. The fleece and sherpa fleece photo blankets do not come with fringes.