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Father daughter photo printed on large photo mugs
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  • Special Mornings with Our Custom Photo Mugs

    Let your friends and family miss you when they see a photo mug gifted by you! Personalized photo mugs make great gifts when it comes to reminiscing golden moments early in the morning. You can print photos, logos, messages or quotes on a ceramic mug with us with a choice in colours!

      Designing a Photo Mug Made Easy

      Making photo mugs with us has become as natural a few steps

      • Size


        We let you design only one size for now, and that is an 11oz mug. Create your cup the way you like your coffee or tea!

      • Import Photos

        Import Photos

        You can upload your pictures from any device or location. Also, Facebook and Instagram log in are available to import photos directly from there.

      • Colour


        We offer you eight different colours to let you match with the background of your photos! So, make a posh looking mug today!

      • Layout


        You can add up to four photos when deciding which photos to print and deliver these personalised photo mugs to Australia.

      • Other Options

        Other Options

        We let you add text and other graphics from our clip art collection to make your photo mug more interesting!

      Make Your Kitchen Brighter With Our Colourful Photo Mugs

      We don’t only have standard-looking photo mugs!

      Photo Magic Mugs

      Photo Magic Mugs

      We introduce magic mugs as our variant photo mugs! To keep conversations flowing just like the coffee, the magic mug is an ultimate ice-breaker. It is specially designed to reveal a printed photo beneath when a hot beverage is poured inside the mug. Admittedly, it will take your breath away!

      Features of a High-quality Custom Photo Mugs

      We produce photo mugs that are highly durable

      High-Quality Photo Mugs

      Mug Type: Standard & Magic mug.

      Size: The 11-ounce mugs (3.75” H and 4.5” W).

      Care: Work your way in cleaning the photo mugs with mild dish cleaning soap and water.

      Layouts of Custom Photo Mugs

      Check out the layout we offer for customisation

      • Two-sided Prints

        Two-sided Prints

        Feature two photos side by side on the mug

      • Collage Prints

        Collage Prints

        Print more to see more in the mornings

      • Wrap-around Prints

        Wrap-around Prints

        Make your photo clearly visible in a wrap-around manner.

      Beautiful Colors and Great Choices

      Personalised Mugs in Colours

      Choose from eight colour options to match the best with your photos:

      • White
      • Black
      • Red
      • Green
      • Yellow
      • Blue
      • Brown
      • Pink

      Distinct Layouts of Custom Photo Mugs

      We offer four distinct layouts

      • One Photo

        One Photo

        One moment that has consumed overall

      • Two Photos

        Two Photos

        Two moments that go hand-in-hand

      • Three Photos

        Three Photos

        Make those BFFs look happy together and surprise them with a photo mug in Australia.

      • Four Photos

        Four Photos

        When the expressions weren’t enough while posing!

      Customized Ceramic Coffee Mugs

      Customise Mugs the Way you Desire!

      Put up a business logo, your name or someone else’s, a message or even your heart on the ceramic photo mug!

      Our Popular Custom Mugs

      Get some ideas sparked from these concepts!

      • Happy Anniversary

        Happy Anniversary

      • Wedding Date

        Wedding Date

      • World's Greatest Mom

        World's Greatest Mom

      • You Did It!

        You Did It!

      • Congratulations!


      • With Love from Fido

        With Love from Fido

      • School Days are here!

        School Days are here!

      • Be My Valentine

        Be My Valentine

      • Thanks, Mom!

        Thanks, Mom!

      • From All of Us

        From All of Us

      • Merry Christmas

        Merry Christmas

      • Best Dad Ever

        Best Dad Ever

      Personalized Photo Mugs


      Our personalized photo mugs are durable to keep your memories shining forever. Our top-notch photo printing on mug guarantees your photographs will stay brilliant and distinctive for a considerable length of time to come.


      The ceramic mug is designed to serve you with coffee or milk, which is as warm as your feelings attached to the photo printed on your mug. Printed on high-quality ceramic, the Personalized photo mugs have been through best quality inks and printing technology to get delivered at your doorstep.


      Who wouldn't like to own custom mugs over the traditional and boring mugs? They make an ideal choice for recollecting happy times each morning with your espresso or tea. Wonderful presents for family or companions and influence correctly as a housewarming to blessing.


      Be it your boss or your colleague; custom photo mugs makes a perfect gift for everyone. Give them a special recognition with a Personalized photo mug. They can even be an excellent gift for your teachers.


      At CanvasChamp, we thrive on delivering the best experience at various stages of ordering photo mugs online. The design tool offers you eight different photo mug colours. All you need to do is scroll through the customising options and have the one which fits your needs perfectly.


      The best part about having a Personalized photo mug is that no one at your home or office can use it even by mistake. Hence, to make it more special, we avail your range of options like adding photos, text, or any other creative design which you find is best for you.

      Why Choose CanvasChamp?

      We work with a team of expert craftsmen and the globally recognised technology.

      • Selections

        Change your decor with Personalized options from us

      • Layouts

        Get the chance to choose between layouts

      • Best price assured

        Find the lowest price with us

      • Full satisfaction

        Crafted specifically according to your needs

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