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3D Printable Miniature Half Body with Hand Painted

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3D Printable Miniature Half Body with Hand Painted
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    Acrylic Stand

    (JPG, PNG, BMP and JPEG files accepted.)

    Product Description

    • Introducing our Personalised 3D Half Body Miniature: Capture moments in lifelike 3D!
    • Turn memories into tangible art with Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures from a single photo or of a lovely couple.
    • Upload your picture via our user-friendly online design tool for easy customisation.
    • Choose from 5 distinct sizes, ranging from a compact 15 CM to an impressive 40 CM tall.
    • Experience realism at its best! Our advanced printing technique ensures a lifelike 3D effect on every miniature.
    • Each 3D Miniature half-body has a robust acrylic stand, perfectly blending style with stability.
    • Affordable luxury: Premium quality at a reasonable price makes it the best gift.
    • Designed for longevity: Portable, crafted from high-quality materials, and built to last.

    Why Buy Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures from CanvasChamp?

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    • Lifelike Detailing

    • Affordable Prices

    Half Body 3D Miniature: Immortalise Every Detail!

    From photos to realistic 3D Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures - effortlessly.

    • For Single Half Body

      For Single Half Body

      Celebrate your individuality with our intricately crafted Personalised Half Body Miniature Doll replicas. Every tiny detail, captured and carved, preserves your essence in three dimensions. The future of personal keepsakes: it's more than a photo; it's 3D art.

    • For Couples Half Body

      For Couples Half Body

      Commemorate shared moments with a unique 3D Miniature half body for couples. We capture your love's essence from your shared smiles to intertwined hands. Immortalise your bond in a tangible 3D masterpiece that lasts forever.

    Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures As Corporate Gifts

    Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting with Personalised 3D Half Body Miniature Masterpieces.

    Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures As Corporate Gifts

    LIn the evolving world of corporate gifting, stand out with innovative and unique offerings like our 3D miniature printing services. Move beyond the generic and make a lasting impression on your business associates, employees, and clients.

    The Personalised Half Body Miniature Doll can symbolise your company's brand, ethos or even a miniature replica of a product you're proud of. It's not just a gift but a statement piece that associates your brand's excellence with an artful keepsake.

    For individual acknowledgments, what better way to honour a significant contributor or a retiring employee than with a 3D Miniature Single Man or woman, capturing their likeness? It's a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes about how much you value their contributions.

    Furthermore, our Half Body 3D Miniature can be customised to mirror an event, be it the launch of a new project, a company milestone, or a corporate event. When placed on a desk or a showcase, these miniatures serve as a constant reminder of the company's goals, vision, and collaborative spirit.

    From branding to personal recognition, 3D miniature printing offers many opportunities for corporate gifting, ensuring that your gift is not just seen but remembered and cherished.

    Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures: Your Ultimate Gifting Solution

    3D Miniatures: The Future of Gifting

    Have you ever found yourself stuck in the age-old quandary of what to gift? Say hello to the solution - 3D miniature half-body figures! These aren't just gifts; they're spunky, miniature versions of reality. Why gift a photo or a card when you can give someone their custom 3D half-body miniatures? It's like saying, "I got you... well, a mini-you!" Whether you want to immortalise someone's goofy grin signature pose or show appreciation in a memorable way, these mini marvels are here to revolutionise the gifting game. So, the next time you're scratching your head over a gift, remember: go 3D or go home!

    Not just that, 3D Miniatures As Gifts are great because they're,

    • Unique & Personal: Dive into a gifting experience that stands out. Our custom 3D miniatures are tailored to each individual, ensuring a one-of-a-kind present.
    • Durable & Timeless: Crafted with precision and care, these miniatures are not just another perishable item. Display and cherish them for years to come.
    • Versatile Designs: From a fun, personalised bobblehead miniature to a classic half-bust stature from photos, our range caters to all tastes and preferences.
    • Conversation Starters: These intricate pieces are gifts and intriguing talking points. Perfect for home and office display!

    Personalised 3D Half-Body Miniatures For Every Relationship

    • Parents: Choose a half-bust stature from photos, encapsulating their timeless love and journey.
    • Siblings: Relive shared memories with a personalised half-body miniature doll, making birthdays or any day special.
    • Romantic Partners: A half-body 3D miniature speaks of shared moments and an unbreakable bond, perfect for anniversaries or just because.
    • Friends & Colleagues: From farewells to office milestones, make every occasion memorable with our custom 3D half-body miniatures.

    Ideas To Customise 3D Half-Body Miniatures

    Unleashing creativity has never been as exhilarating as it is with Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures. These detailed, lifelike replicas offer endless possibilities for personalisation, ensuring your gift is not just a replica but a true reflection of someone's personality or a cherished memory. Let's delve into the multitude of customisation options available:

    • Signature Poses: Capture their iconic stance, be it the thinker pose, the superhero landing, or even that quirky little dance move they always pull at parties.
    • Special Outfits: Recreate memorable outfits, from a wedding dress a graduation robe, to that beloved Halloween costume.
    • Hobby-Themed: Highlight their passions - a guitar in hand for a music lover, a paintbrush for an artist, or a basketball for the sports enthusiast.
    • Pets & Accessories: Incorporate a beloved pet or a cherished accessory. Imagine a miniature of a dad with his favourite golf club or grandma with her precious cat.
    • Memorable Backdrops: Customise the base with mini-sceneries, like a beach setting for someone who loves the ocean or a park for the nature enthusiast.


    What are 3D miniatures?

    3D miniatures are scaled-down three-dimensional models, often resembling living beings, characters, or objects. These are created using 3D printing technology, allowing for intricate detailing and a lifelike representation.

    How are 3D miniatures made?

    In general, 3D miniatures are made using a process called 3D printing. This involves creating a digital design, which is then sent to a 3D printer that adds material layer by layer to build the miniature. At CanvasChamp, a combination of technologies is used: Face DLP (Digital Light Processing) for capturing facial details and Body FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) for crafting the body structure.

    What can I use 3D miniatures for?

    3D miniatures can serve a plethora of purposes. They're popular as personalised gifts, collector's items, game pieces, or unique decor elements. Many also use them to commemorate special events or to create a tangible representation of a beloved character or individual.

    What materials are used to make 3D miniatures?

    Various materials can be used in 3D printing miniatures, ranging from plastic, resins to metals. Specifically, CanvasChamp's Face DLP technique utilises a particular type of resin to capture delicate facial nuances, while the Body FDM process typically employs thermoplastic polymers to build the body.

    Can I customise 3D miniatures?

    Absolutely! One of the primary advantages of 3D miniatures is their high customisation level. From posing to adding specific details, you can tailor your miniature to make it as personalised as you wish.

    What size are 3D miniatures typically made in?

    While 3D miniatures can be crafted in a range of sizes, CanvasChamp offers five standard sizes: 15 CM, 20 CM, 25 CM, 30 CM, and 40 CM. This variety ensures you can choose the correct scale for your specific need.

    How much does it cost to create 3D miniatures?

    The cost of 3D miniatures can vary based on size, complexity, and materials. However, CanvasChamp strives to offer these intricately detailed miniatures at affordable rates, ensuring value for money while not compromising quality.

    What are the best 3D printers for creating miniatures?

    Several 3D printers in the market are well-suited for crafting miniatures, with features catering to detailed and precision printing. CanvasChamp specifically utilises Face DLP and Body FDM technologies, as they combine to produce finely detailed, durable, and aesthetically pleasing miniatures.

    Sculpt Your Personal Story With Personalised 3D Half Body Miniatures

    Bringing your cherished memories to life with our Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures.