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Get Your Picture in Many Shapes

We Love To Customize Metal Photo Ornaments in Different Shapes.

  • Circle


    Make a personalized custom metal ornaments in a circle shape and hang it anywhere you want.

  • Rectangle


    Give a classic look to your picture and get exclusive custom laser cut metal ornaments in a few clicks.

  • Square


    Make a tiny picture frame in the form of a square-shaped photo ornament and flaunt it proudly.

  • Heart


    Showcase that your heart is reserved for someone by engraving your loved one’s picture on heart-shaped personalized metal ornaments.

Give Your Loved One a Perfect Gift

  • Newly Born Baby Photo

    Newly Born Baby Photo

    Your bundle of joy is tiny today, but you can reserve those memories by imprinting pictures on a metal photo ornament.

  • Family Photo

    Family Photo

    Your whole family deserves something that is unique. Customize a unique custom laser cut metal Christmas ornaments for all your family members.

  • Father Photo

    Father Photo

    Your relationship with your father is unique. Take a beautiful photo and amaze them with your extraordinary efforts.

  • Mother Photo

    Mother Photo

    Make your mother feel loved during her hard times. Get her a metal photo ornament with her most cherished picture.

  • Sibling Photo

    Sibling Photo

    Display your sweet and salty relationship with your siblings with custom metal ornaments.

  • Sister Photo

    Sister Photo

    Your sister is always with you, so give her something unique on her special occasion, and engrave your picture together with us.

  • Brother Photo

    Brother Photo

    Print those fun-filled childhood memories of you along with your brother on a photo metal ornament. You can give it to him to rekindle memories.

  • Wife Photo

    Wife Photo

    Your lovely wife always keeps herself busy making your life beautiful. Gift her something she adores and appreciates.

  • Husband Photo

    Husband Photo

    Is your husband far from you? Give him a message that you are always with him with personalized metal photo Christmas ornaments.

  • Daughter Photo

    Daughter Photo

    Your daughter is a precious person in your life. Show her that she is your princess by getting a lovely photo metal ornament.

  • Son Photo

    Son Photo

    Engrave your son’s most admirable character on a metal personalized Christmas ornaments and empower him to live strong.

  • Grandparents Photo

    Grandparents Photo

    Get a customized photo metal ornament which has your sweet grandparents’ name or photo on it and make their day truly special.

Give Your Picture a Unique Photo Layout with Us

Try different layout for your unique picture, frame them with love.

  • 1 Photo

    1 Photo

    Your single picture has its own beauty, it does not need any layout. So, we keep it as it is.

  • 2 Photos

    2 Photos

    Arrange your two pictures horizontally, vertically, or asymmetrically, the choice is all yours

  • 3 Photos

    3 Photos

    Three pictures give you free hand to make a perfect layout, hop on to the designing tool and explore them now

  • 4 Photos

    4 Photos

    Whoa!! You have selected four pictures for your custom laser cut metal Christmas ornaments. Arrange them uniquely with CanvasChamp.

Christmas Ornaments

What Is the Process to Make a Personalized Metal Christmas Ornament?

Step 1: Select Your Shape and Material

Choose the material of your choice: wooden, metal, or acrylic. Also, select the shape you want in a metal photo ornament.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Upload your image from the gallery or cloud. All types of image files are accepted here including JPG, PNG, and BMP.

Step 3: Pick Your Layout

CanvasChamp is always open to creativity. Arrange your pictures in different layouts and show your uniqueness.

Step 4: Finalize Your Creation with Text and Clipart

Insert your own words as text and design your metal photo ornaments with amazing clipart.

Pet Metal Ornament

Get a Gift for Your Furry Friend - A Pet Custom Metal Ornament

Hello Pet Lovers! We have something for you that is special and exclusive. Customize your picture with your lovely pet on a photo metal ornament and get it delivered anywhere in Australia.

Give your pet a special gift or impress your pet lover on their birthday. The choice is all yours!

with Metal Photo Ornaments

Give Wings to Your Brand with Promotional Metal Ornament

You need to be creative and experimenting enough when it comes to promoting your brand. This time it is a photo ornament. Print your brand logo or company name on a personalized photo ornament and give it to your business coordinators or every step-in. When you distribute the photo metal ornament at your next business event, it piques people's interest in your brand. It also works as a beautiful gift for your hardworking employees.

personalized christmas ornaments.jpg

Celebrate Every Occasion and Create Memories

Are you getting bored with ordinary hanging decorations? Try something unique! That is- A metal photo ornament. It works as a hanging decoration for your Christmas tree or any birthday celebration decoration.

Engrave all your kids' childhood pictures and hang them all over your home on their birthday to recreate more memories. Also, print all your family members’ pictures on custom metal photo ornaments and fill your Christmas with joy.

Create a metal ornament with our easy-to-access designing tool and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Are you ready to create something original? Test everything with CanvasChamp!