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Excellent Quality Photo Prints

It's time to make your favourite photos memorable forever.

You might have a hundred of photos stored in your mobile devices or cloud storage. But some of them hold a permanent and significant place in your life. The pictures of the times like newborn babies photos, wedding ceremony photos or significant milestone achievements and even the time you spend with your pets are always unforgettable. Make those memories even more alive with the photo prints by CanvasChamps.

Make your photos with the Best Photo Printing technology

Choose any paper for your print: a standard or a premium to get going. Ordering was nevermore this easy!

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Professional-Quality Prints

Here are some of the principal reasons to order professional quality prints:

  • Create your photo prints in a portrait or landscape orientation with options in sizes from 6"x 4" / 4"x 6" to 40"x 30" / 30"x 40".
  • Photo print your memories on standard or premium quality photo paper.
  • The best photo finish options we have are glossy, matte, lustre, and metallic.
  • Enhance your photos with a choice of a border or no border.
  • Experts available just for you to help with editing your photos like in cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast and sharpness.
  • Customer service available round the clock on all business days.
  • Timely and fast order execution process with shipping through FedEx or UPS.
  • Cheap rates with highest standards of quality.
  • Quite longer guarantee on photo prints- up to 99 years, in fact.
  • 100% customer satisfaction for quality printing or money back policy.

Your Perfect Photo Prints become Classic from its Quality

Select either a standard or a premium photo paper.
Standard-Quality Photo Prints

Know In Brief About Standard Quality Photo Prints

CanvasChamp assures you that the Standard Quality Photo Prints you choose will be of superior quality and lightweight. We use 150 GSM (Gram per Square Meter) quality.

Standard Quality Photo Prints
Premium-Quality Photo Prints

Know In Brief About Premium Quality Photo Prints

Slightly heavier than standard quality print, we use 180 GSM (Gram per Square meter) for premium quality photo print to profound and soothing surface of your memories.

Premium Quality Photo Prints


Choose from either matte, glossy, lustre or a metallic finish.

  • Glossy Finish

    Glossy Finish

    A shiny layer is applied over the photo, which brings out the vibrancy of the colours.

  • Matte Finish

    Matte Finish

    A matte finish is a lesser layer of coating of sheen resulting in a more profound depth of your photos.

  • Lustre Finish

    Lustre Finish

    Lustre finish is are slightly textured, which helps reduce glare and fingerprints.

  • Metallic Finish

    Metallic Finish

    This option is intended for artistic creations rather than traditional wedding photos or family portraits.

BEGIN YOUR ORDER HERE! Simple steps to change your digital images to professional photo prints

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
Step 1

Select Size

Choose whether you want a portrait or landscape orientation.

Step 2

Upload image

You can easily upload photos from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram. Accepted file types are PNG, JPG, and BMP (up to 25 MB).

Step 3

Select Border

Choose your photo with or without a border.

Step 4

Paper Option

Choose a standard (150 GSM) or a premium (180 GSM) paper.


We offer all the standard photo sizes and even custom choices.
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  Standard Paper Premium Paper
  Glossy Matte Glossy Matte Lustre Metallic
4" x 6" A$0.09 A$0.09 A$0.10 A$0.10 A$0.23 A$0.35
5" x 7" A$0.42 A$0.42 A$0.50 A$0.50 A$0.51 A$0.52
6" x 6" A$2.18 A$2.18 A$0.99 A$0.99 A$1.10 A$1.20
6" x 8" A$1.06 A$1.06 A$1.28 A$1.28 A$1.30 A$1.32
8" x 10" A$0.93 A$0.93 A$1.12 A$1.12 A$1.14 A$1.17
8" x 12" A$2.19 A$2.19 A$2.62 A$2.62 A$2.66 A$2.71
12" x 18" A$8.50 A$8.50 A$10.20 A$10.20 A$9.83 A$9.45
12" x 24" A$9.45 A$9.45 A$11.34 A$11.34 A$10.87 A$10.40
16" x 20" A$12.83 A$12.83 A$15.39 A$15.39 A$15.77 A$16.15
20" x 24" A$21.85 A$21.85 A$26.22 A$26.22 A$26.41 A$26.60
20" x 30" A$17.47 A$17.47 A$20.96 A$20.96 A$24.26 A$27.55
24" x 36" A$30.40 A$30.40 A$36.48 A$36.48 A$36.29 A$36.10
30" x 40" A$41.80 A$41.80 A$50.16 A$50.16 A$51.21 A$52.25
  Standard Paper Premium Paper
  Glossy Matte Glossy Matte Lustre Metallic
6" x 4" A$0.09 A$0.09 A$0.10 A$0.10 A$0.23 A$0.35
7" x 5" A$0.42 A$0.42 A$0.50 A$0.50 A$0.51 A$0.52
6" x 6" A$2.18 A$2.18 A$0.99 A$0.99 A$1.10 A$1.20
8" x 6" A$1.06 A$1.06 A$1.28 A$1.28 A$1.30 A$1.32
10" x 8" A$0.93 A$0.93 A$1.12 A$1.12 A$1.14 A$1.17
12" x 8" A$2.19 A$2.19 A$2.62 A$2.62 A$2.66 A$2.71
18" x 12" A$8.50 A$8.50 A$10.20 A$10.20 A$9.83 A$9.45
24" x 12" A$9.45 A$9.45 A$11.34 A$11.34 A$10.87 A$10.40
20" x 16" A$12.83 A$12.83 A$15.39 A$15.39 A$15.77 A$16.15
24" x 20" A$21.85 A$21.85 A$26.22 A$26.22 A$26.41 A$26.60
30" x 20" A$17.47 A$17.47 A$20.96 A$20.96 A$24.26 A$27.55
36" x 24" A$30.40 A$30.40 A$36.48 A$36.48 A$36.29 A$36.10
40" x 30" A$41.80 A$41.80 A$50.16 A$50.16 A$51.21 A$52.25

Benefits of genuine photo prints

  • Extensive range of custom sizes available

  • Colour and tone vibrancy

  • Best Quality in Papers

  • 100% 'Love It' guarantee



    Having a photo print that you can touch, display on a shelf or hang on your wall is one of the best ways you can recall cherished and special times. We make it inexpensive and easy to preserve the memories of those little moments that you don't want to lose with time. We present a variety of options to give you the professional quality that your photos justify.


    Let's not limit our prints to substandard sizes of 4"X6" or even 8"X10". Think high! We offer customizable sizes of up to 40"X40". Just think the impact your nature shots would command if you made it a focal point at your office or living room. Bigger sizes are also ideal for portraits from matrimony parties and extended family shots.


    Your panoramic images with our Noritsu QSS-32 Digital All minilabs QSS-32 series can print the new and better size prints of up to 305x914mm (12x36"). These prints are advantageous for print-advertising banners, group photos, etc. Our new service will give you a huge competitive edge, as the size of prints is twice than ordinary maximum size 305x457mm (12x18 ").


    With professional quality prints at the lowest price from us, now you can bring your favourite pictures to life. Select between a standard or premium photographic paper to keepsake those memories.

    We also offer four distinct finishes to give your photos the perfect final touch – matte to counter glare; glossy for rich, sharp, active images; lustre gives you the best of both with a light gloss and anti-glare; and metallic for a striking, chrome-like creative look. We offer a whole range in sizes that can be printed with or without borders.


    The wait is over! You finally can print all those great photos you were always going through on your Smartphone. Our every day low prices knocks down most of the sales you will see from your local drug store’s photo departments. You will get professional quality from us with an even more speedy service.


    Our photo tool makes it super easy for you to get professional-quality prints. Just choose the preferable size, paper quality, border option, and finish. And you’re done. Additionally, our customer service, available on all business days, is second to none. We offer free assistance with all your editing if and whenever you need it. We usually deliver an order around in 24 to 48 hours with a choice of shipping options via FedEx or UPS.


    What makes CanvasChamp a specialist for photo printing? First of all, the excellent quality of the print is what makes us attractive. Second, we help you pick from photographic paper and finishes to give a professional look to your photos at the lowest prices you’ll find in the industry. Furthermore, we are passionate about what and how we do. Our friendly customer service team is available on all the business days to help you with editing at no charge. We also deliver your order quickly and are proud of our record of 99.98 per cent on-time or before-time deliveries.


    We offer options that make sure the polish you select for your precious photos isn’t reconsideration. Of course, you can choose from the regular matte or glossy finishes, depending on the type of picture and how you will use them. But we also offer a lustre finish, which is the best of matte and glossy, giving you a wonderful, pearl-like texture with a slight gloss, deep colour saturation, and high contrast; with endurance from glare and smudges. We also offer a metallic finish for a different 3-D artsy look with a brilliant chrome-like shine.

Make Photo Prints
People Ask About Photo Prints – FAQs
  • Is a 4" X 6" standard photo size?

    Yes, 4"X6" is one of the most popular sizes for snapshots. This size was particularly originated from postcards.

  • Is 4"X6" better or 5"X7"?

    A 4"X6" print is the cheapest standard size and popular for unframed prints. If you want to frame your photo, a 5"X7" might be a better choice. But you can also frame a 4"X6" photo with a mat in a 5"X7".

  • What is the best resolution for printing photos?

    The official standard for sharp and professional-looking images is 300 pixels per inch.

  • How do I print a photo?

    It's fast and easy with our photo editing and design tools. Just click on the Photo Prints tab and upload your image(s). Select a preferable size and orientation. Choose the border option. Select the paper quality and the type of finish you want on it. Then add to cart and get ready for the prints to arrive at your door.

  • How do I print a large picture?

    You follow the same procedure as above to create professional photo prints, regardless of the size of it. Just change the size. See question 5 for detailed steps.

  • What is the difference between matte and glossy pictures?

    A glossy finish creates a shiny layer over the photo that makes the colours appear more vibrant. The coating is the same as what is used on a matte photo, except more of the final layer is applied in glossy pictures than on matter pictures.

    The only downside of the glossy finish is that it creates glare when viewed from some angles, and it is more prone to fingerprint smudges and other smudges. Gloss prints, however, can also stick to the glass. A glossy finish would be an ideal choice for photos that are not going to be handled frequently and are best kept in a photo album.

    Matte photos don’t highlight colour as much as glossy photos do and may also appear a bit grainy because of the enhanced texture of the print due to a matte finish. With less of that final coating of sheen, they resist glare pretty well and also fingerprints smudges. For this reason, expert photographers tend to prefer a matte finish on their photos. A matte finish is an excellent choice for black and white images that will want to be framed.

  • What is a lustre photo finish on a picture?

    A lustre finish will give you the best of both worlds- matte and glossy finishes. It features deep colour saturation with high contrast and realistic-looking skin tones. The light gloss with a subtle texture resists glare and fingerprints. Most photographers tend to choose a lustre finish for keepsake valued photos that will be framed.

  • What is a metallic photo print?

    A metallic finish appears as if it was printed on a sheet of metal. This ultrabright, high gloss finish gives your photo a striking 3D look with intense colours and a unique chrome-like look. It’s incredibly durable and resists stains, scratches and damage from UV light. This option is recommended more for artistic images than traditional portraits. Metallic prints should be framed without glass.

  • Is lustre better or glossy?

    It depends on what you plan to do with your photo. Both will give you vibrant colours, but the glossy finish is more prone to glare, fingerprints, and smudges. If you have snapshots, you plan to put in an album; glossy would be the way to go. But if you plan to frame your photo, a glossy finish could stick to glass so that the lustre would be the choice for a keepsake portrait. See questions 7 and 8 for more details.

  • What is the difference between metallic and lustre prints?

    See questions 8 and 9 for a better understanding.