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Digital Photo Processing With Us

Photo Prints to make happy moments materialistic

Turn your moments into lasting memories with creative photo prints! Whether it is birthday photos, family vacation trip or graduation day moments, it’s easy to print pictures at CanvasChamp with low prices every day. With convenient hours of accessibility and backed by our quality print promise, you can order your photo prints from us at any time of the day. Look back on your golden moments and display them by developing into professional-quality photo custom prints!

Start Creating Your Photo Prints Today!

Get to choose from different types of paper, size and finish to showcase your best memories in your photo album.

Professional-Quality Prints

Why Order Photo Prints from Us?

  • Available in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Options in sizes
  • Choices in quality of paper type
  • Various photo finishes
  • Options in border frames
  • Assistance available in editing
  • Service support accessible on all business days
  • Lightning-fast shipping
  • Lowest prices and offers
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product

Decide the Right Photo Print Paper

Get to choose between standard or premium photo paper

Standard-Quality Photo Prints

Standard Paper

This type of paper is lightweight, thus suitable for decorating purposes. Finishes available for these paper type are matte and glossy.

Premium-Quality Photo Prints

Premium Paper

A bit thicker than the standard paper, the premium paper type is available in matte, glossy, lustre and metallic finish. Ideal for making your memories look posh.

Types of Finishing Touch

Below is the coatings available for photo custom prints with us:

  • Glossy Finish

    Glossy Finish

    A sheen that brings out the colours vividly - can be applied to standard & premium paper type.

  • Matte Finish

    Matte Finish

    Less shiny finish to give depth to photos - can be applied to standard & premium paper type.

  • Lustre Finish

    Lustre Finish

    Grainy coating to reduce fingerprints smudges- can be applied only to premium paper type.

  • Metallic Finish

    Metallic Finish

    Intended for artistic purposes - can be applied to premium paper type exclusively.

How to Order Photo Prints With Us

Follow these simple steps to get perfect prints!

  • Size


    Select size from 26 available options

  • Upload Image

    Upload Image

    Get to upload photos from any device or location, even from Facebook and Instagram

  • Select Border

    Select Border

    Choose a border or no border for the prints

  • Paper Option

    Paper Option

    Select the paper quality and paper type

A Peek in the Sizes Available With Us

We offer the most popular and accepted sizes

  • Landscape
  • Portrait


 Standard PaperPremium Paper
4" x 6"A$0.09A$0.09A$0.10A$0.10A$0.23A$0.35
5" x 7"A$0.42A$0.42A$0.50A$0.50A$0.51A$0.52
6" x 6"A$2.18A$2.18A$0.99A$0.99A$1.10A$1.20
6" x 8"A$1.06A$1.06A$1.28A$1.28A$1.30A$1.32
8" x 10"A$0.93A$0.93A$1.12A$1.12A$1.14A$1.17
8" x 12"A$2.19A$2.19A$2.62A$2.62A$2.66A$2.71
12" x 18"A$8.50A$8.50A$10.20A$10.20A$9.83A$9.45
12" x 24"A$9.45A$9.45A$11.34A$11.34A$10.87A$10.40
16" x 20"A$12.83A$12.83A$15.39A$15.39A$15.77A$16.15
20" x 24"A$21.85A$21.85A$26.22A$26.22A$26.41A$26.60
20" x 30"A$17.47A$17.47A$20.96A$20.96A$24.26A$27.55
24" x 36"A$30.40A$30.40A$36.48A$36.48A$36.29A$36.10
30" x 40"A$41.80A$41.80A$50.16A$50.16A$51.21A$52.25


 Standard PaperPremium Paper
6" x 4"A$0.09A$0.09A$0.10A$0.10A$0.23A$0.35
7" x 5"A$0.42A$0.42A$0.50A$0.50A$0.51A$0.52
6" x 6"A$2.18A$2.18A$0.99A$0.99A$1.10A$1.20
8" x 6"A$1.06A$1.06A$1.28A$1.28A$1.30A$1.32
10" x 8"A$0.93A$0.93A$1.12A$1.12A$1.14A$1.17
12" x 8"A$2.19A$2.19A$2.62A$2.62A$2.66A$2.71
18" x 12"A$8.50A$8.50A$10.20A$10.20A$9.83A$9.45
24" x 12"A$9.45A$9.45A$11.34A$11.34A$10.87A$10.40
20" x 16"A$12.83A$12.83A$15.39A$15.39A$15.77A$16.15
24" x 20"A$21.85A$21.85A$26.22A$26.22A$26.41A$26.60
30" x 20"A$17.47A$17.47A$20.96A$20.96A$24.26A$27.55
36" x 24"A$30.40A$30.40A$36.48A$36.48A$36.29A$36.10
40" x 30"A$41.80A$41.80A$50.16A$50.16A$51.21A$52.25

Why Photo Prints From Us?


    Custom sizes available


    Vivid colour vibrancy


    Good quality in paper-type


    100% satisfaction or money back

Benefits of Photo Prints from CanvasChamp

Cherish happiness forever

Treasure your most precious moments with our photo custom prints. Digital printing has been made a breeze with CanvasChamp. Our online photo printing service lets you select and print photos instantly. We only print on high-quality paper to ensure your photos come out bright and sharp. We use bold colours to enhance your image details to make your pictures appear life-like.

Panoramic Prints

Turn your favourite scenic photos into breathtaking panoramic prints. Using the latest printing technology, it’s easy to create large and impressive prints. Each print is available in a lustre finish with or without borders. The realistic and bright colours enhance your image and make it appear life-like. Upload photos and create your panoramic prints online with us.

Paper Quality of Photo Prints

Photo personalised prints that are high quality and affordable seem too hard to find nowadays. Hence, CanvasChamp only uses the absolute best quality paper to print your photos! Fall in love with your favourite memories every time you look at them. Our paper type makes the colours look more vibrant and more lucid. Your photos can stand out in your home or stand the test of time so that you can cherish your pictures for a lifetime.

Professional Quality Photo Prints

Order your custom photos from us and turn your empty walls into a personal gallery of memories. Choose from a variety of print sizes and order as many as you need. No matter what you need the photo custom prints for, ordering from us will transform your favourite pictures into museum-quality art. Whether they are gifts or going on exhibit in your home, professional-like photo prints will cherish memories for years to come.

CanvasChamp Ordering Process

We care about our customers for which we have created a simple editing tool on our website to get your prints delivered to you quickly. Just visit our website online and upload your photos to our editing tool and start working on whatever concept you want. Once you’ve ordered and your payment has been received, your photos will be printed on only the highest quality materials at our production facility. After they’ve been printed, we will send it to your home directly within 3-10 business days.

People Ask About Photo Prints – FAQs
  • Q: Is lustre better or glossy?
    A: Both are just fine and it totally depends on how you plan to utilise your photos often. Lustre finished photos are ideal for use for keepsake values and glossy photos are ideal for photos which will be handled less with hands to avoid finger smudges.

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  • Q: What is a metallic finish on photo print?
    A: Metallic finish gives an appearance as if your photo was printed on a metal sheet. It gives a striking 3D finish to your photos intensifying the colors resulting in a chrom-like look. Such a finish is mostly recommended for artistic images and they should be framed without glass.

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  • Q: How does a lustre photo finish look on a picture?
    A: Lustre finish has part qualities of matte and glossy pictures. It gives a deep saturation with high contrast which creates realistic skin tones on the photo. With a subtle texture on it, it easily resists glare and finger smudges making your photos look fantastic.

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  • Q: What is the differentiation between matte and glossy pictures?
    A: Glossy pictures have a shiny layer over the photo that makes the colors in the photo look extra vibrant. The coating is the same as that of a matte photo only that the final layer is extra on the glossy pictures make the photos look shinier. Matte photos do not emphasize on colors but they make the photos appear a bit grainy due to the enhanced texture of the print.

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  • Q: How do I create a photo print?
    A: It is convenient and straightforward with our online editing tool. Go to the ‘Start Order’ and upload your images on the tool. Customize with sizing, orientation, border, paper quality and finish it by adding to the cart.

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  • Q: Which resolution is suitable for printing on photo prints?
    A: The safest resolution to not make your photo look blurry or pixelated is a photo with 300 pixels per inch.

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