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The fully customizable multi panel split canvas prints
Don’t confine your creativity, we have a range of personalized options for your canvas photo splits
Split Canvas Panel Arts

We respect the artistic side of you and understand your inclination to be distinct in whatever you do. Keeping the same intact, we have included a wide range of customization options for you. Now, no matter which occasion it is or the bond that you are about to portray, we have astonishing options for you.

  • Sizes: small 8"x8" to Larger 34"x20".
  • Arrangements: 8 Designer Groupings.
  • Prints: Gallery Wraps Canvas.
  • Production Time: 3 - 10 Business Days.
  • HP certified printers and latex inks used to craft your canvas prints.
  • Tightly wrapped around thick 1.5" gallery wrap canvas.
  • Can be hung up straight away when it arrives.
Create Your Masterpiece
Your personalized canvas photo split arrangement
It’s your split canvas prints and we want you to have it as personalized as we can. To ensure the same, here are some of our bestselling canvas photo split arrangements for you. Printing multi panel split canvas prints has never been so easy and personalized.
  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    2-piece (2)8"x8"

    From A$13.28 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    3-piece (1)26"x26",(2)12"x12"

    From A$96.87 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    4-piece (1)25"x16",(1)11"x18",(2)12"x8"

    From A$107.14 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    4-piece (1)34"x20",(3)10"x13"

    From A$152.87 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    5-piece (4)11"x11",(1)24"x24"

    From A$164.46 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    3-piece (3)30"x20"

    From A$215.26 Only

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  • 2 Piece Split Canvas Prints

    7-piece (4)10"x14",(3)20"x14"

    From A$246.52 Only

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Your perfect choice for home or office
The best part about personalized canvas prints is that they flawlessly fit every occasion and space. Use them the way you like.
  • Edges
  • Effects
  • Thickness
  • Hanging

Great Edges

  • Mirror Wrap

    Mirror Wrap

    With two framing options of .75" and 1.5" width, this is a perfect option for images that have major details over the edges.

  • Image Wrap

    Image Wrap

    Often considered when there are no important details on edges, the image wrap comes with same frame size as that of mirror wrap.

  • Colored Wrap

    Colored wrap

    Keep the borders solid to look your print simple and match the color on your wall.


There are times when some additional effects help us take the beauty of it to the next level. At CanvasChamp we have some really amazing picture effects for you. Our top picks include:

  • Original Effect


    Often pictures look best when they are in their original state. This effect ensures that your picture will be printed exactly the way they are.

  • Grayscale


    Shades of gray are most loved by numerous people across the globe. Add this effect to your photo and print gorgeous multi-panel prints.

  • Sepia


    This one has all the capabilities to make your prints look beautiful with its stylish and classic brown hue.


While many don’t think much about this aspect, the thickness of frame plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of your personalized multi panel split canvas print.

  • Thin Wrap Canvas

    Thin Wrap Canvas

    Measuring at .75" wide, the thin wrap frame size is recommended for small sized canvas prints.

  • Thick Wrap Canvas

    Thick Wrap Canvas

    With its 1.5" width, the thick wrap frames are perfect for large sized canvas prints.


We are exceptionally prominent among the clients for their front line administrations consummate in the distance and sense. Your personalized split prints on canvas are prepared to hang because of the snares produced using stainless steel or metal. Besides, you can likewise have a possibility for extra equipment accessible with CanvasChamp for your custom canvas printing.

Give us a chance to share with you our different hanging alternatives:

  • Sawtooth Hanger

    Sawtooth Hanger

    Mounted at the center on the rear side of your canvas print, the sawtooth hanger is placed on top rail with serrated tooth facing downward for better grip.

  • Easel Back

    Easel Back

    From outdoor easels to kids’ easels, the hanging option is one of our most affordable option that fits every requirement.

  • Dust Cover Stand

    Dust Cover Stand

    Extend the life of your multi panel split canvas prints with our dust cover stand.

Create your split canvas prints by self in few simple steps
We have proved our expertise by serving our customers with best quality multi panels split canvas prints. With our dedicated design tool, you can design your canvas photo splits with utmost ease and surf through numerous customizing options. Create your split canvas prints by self in few simple steps