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Wedding Photo Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp

Portray Your Favourite Photos on Best Framed Canvas

Finally, you can display your favourite pictures by creating a unique and beautiful framed print with a choice of either black or white mat paper for your home decor. With as many as twelve options in frames to choose from, you can display your beautiful memories in any space of your house or office and customise the photos on the framed prints.

Product Details

  • Options for personalising your photos with various filters and finishes on framed canvas.
  • 22 framing borders and two mat options available to make your photos look the best.
  • UV-resistant inks used on a poly-cotton canvas to print your photos on framed canvas prints.

3 Trending Borders for Our Custom Framed Canvas Prints

A well-chosen border will help you highlight your photos the best way

  • Mother Daughter Photo Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp


    Simple and Classic. Let the eyes get focused directly on the memory printed on framed prints through this black border.

  • Couple Photo Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp

    Brown Golden

    Bring out an old-world feeling through hints of brown golden on the border of your pictures on framed canvas prints.

  • Self Portrait Photo Floating Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp

    Black Floating Frame

    Create a minimalistic yet illuminating look with this frame to your photos, making it seems as if your memories are floating.

Christmas Children Photo Premium Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp

Gift any Photo on Framed Canvas Prints to Make it an Art

Custom framed prints are a thoughtful way to turn any artistic photos into art and gift it to anyone you want. You can surprise your loved one with your favourite family photos too on one of the frames from us or create a whole new one to match their style on our design tool. Make every moment clicked worth it by printing them on custom-framed canvas prints.

Couple Kissing Photo Professional Floating Frame Canvas Prints Australia CanvasChamp

It's Easy to Maintain and Manage the Best Framed Canvas

Canvas-based photos may seem a bit difficult to manage, but that is not the case! If you get framed canvas prints from CanvasChamp, you will 100% get the best quality art prints from us, and you won't even have to maintain much! Just use a dust cleaner or a slightly damp cloth to wipe any dust layers off the frame from occasionally and your photos will look new!

Frame Your Photos To Preserve Memories in a Better Way

Find out why framed canvas prints are the right items than the traditional photo prints


Framed canvas prints look better in appearance than paper-based photo prints as your photos are printed on canvas to give an excellent depth and texture to your pictures. With standard photo prints, your images will look flat or even slightly decoloured, which might not appeal viewers to engage well with the memories shown on them.


If you usually face problems with glare and reflection on your photos while displaying them, then the framed canvas is the best choice for a house that has too much natural light. Due to a matte finish on the framed canvas, it doesn't reflect as much as the traditional photo prints, which make it easier for you to choose a sweet spot to showcase anywhere.


We all know how hard it gets to handle a large-sized photo print - too glossy, can't view photos from a certain angle, leaves smudges due to fingerprints, etc. Going large scale with custom framed canvas prints would never bring your problem with such things. In fact, the framed canvas is lightweight than photo prints no matter; however, a life-sized photo it has on it!


Traditional photo prints might decolour or fade away the pictures printed on it in a few years if not cared for properly. But with framed canvas prints you can keep your photos looking like artwork for many decades! It resists warping and fading to make it possible for you to create even heirlooms out of it!

If you are looking for something just like this but more vintage-looking prints then you should try our canvas photo prints to make your photos last for a lifetime.

How to Design Framed Canvas Prints?

Take a look at that the 4 steps below to get going:

  • Upload Images

    Upload Images

    Import your images from desktop, mobile, FB, or Insta profiles.

  • Pick a Size

    Pick a Size

    Go through the custom sizes available with us to pick one for you.

  • Choose Frame

    Choose Frame

    Try out different frames and border on your image from the options.

  • Hardware & Options

    Hardware & Options

    Pick the hardware option and check out any changes needed further.