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Things to Consider While Buying Ready Made Canvas Stretchers

If you love painting then chances are that you are extremely picky when it comes to choosing stretcher bars for your canvas. When it comes to the canvas, a simple feel can tell whether it is the right surface choice for your painting or not. However, when it comes to the stretchers, finding out which ones will fit your canvas best and compliment your painting is hard.

Stretching Imagination Over Different Stretches

A stretcher bar is as important as a canvas and no one can tell you more about its value than we , the artists—The Michelangelos and Picassos of the present world. They not only help in deciding the dimensions of the canvas to be used or size of the artwork to be produced but they also add a profile to our vivid visual masterpieces. 

Uses of Stretcher Bar

Traditional Stretcher bars are the ones with mortise and tenon joint. Mortise serves as the bracket while the tenon is the piece of wood that fits into the bracket, forming a joint.

Mother's Day Photo Contest

In celebration of Mother’s Day Canvas Champ brought to you an amazing Photo Contest!  You are requested to submit your favorite photo of “Selfie with Mom “and get a chance to win BIG. Over $1000 in awesome Canvas Champ Prizes. Tell your friends and family to vote your photo. Best Luck!

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