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Gift Personalised Caricature Photo Stands

Gift Personalised Caricature Photo Stands

Fun and creative custom caricature stand to uplift anyone’s mood!

JCustom caricature stands stick out as the best-personalized gift for all occasions. They are fun, creative and can be given to anybody irrespective of their age or gender. Whether you want to give it to your friends, family, children, office employees or grandparents, these will bring a smile to your loved ones face.

You can share the memorable moments of your life with someone by customising the face with a cartoon character and getting them printed in high-quality acrylic material. You simply have to upload the caricature and get it printed. The customised caricature photo stand comes with a 2mm white acrylic stand.

    (JPG, PNG, BMP and JPEG files accepted.)

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    Personalised Caricature Photo Stand Details

    Personalised Caricature Photo Stand Details

    Multiple customised caricature stand options available.

    • Material: White Acrylic
    • Thickness: 2MM
    • Printing Method: UV Printing


    • Small (6 Inch Height or Weight and Depending on the Image Orientation)
    • Large (10 Inch Height or Weight and Depending on the Image Orientation)
    Convert Your Portraits into a Caricature Photo Stand

    Convert Your Portraits into a Caricature Photo Stand

    Sending caricature photo stand as personalised gifts can brighten someone’s day

    CanvasChamp gives you the option to provide your loved ones with a perfect gift on birthday, anniversary, graduation day or promotion day. In a few steps, you can create your caricature.

    Choose your favourite picture and get it printed on a caricature stand. Customised caricature photo stands emerge as genuinely exceptional, significant and thoughtful gestures. Some of the benefits of giving a custom caricature photo stand are:

    • Unique and thoughtful: Getting a gift customised for someone in itself is impressive and brilliant. It also includes a beautiful message about how much you love a person to take time and give a personalised gift.
    • Cherished and memorable: Your loved ones will always cherish custom caricature stands. Whenever they look at it, they will think about you. A special moment of your life can also be caricatured.
    • Perfect for all occasions: Whether it is someone’s birthday or anniversary, caricature stands can be given for all the events.
    • Budget-friendly: Caricature stands are very affordable. If kept properly, they are intended to last forever. The material is of supreme quality.
    • Not just another gift: Customized caricature photo stands are not like any other gifts. This idea is ideal and gives the person a long-lasting impression.

    With CanvasChamp, you get all these benefits. On-time delivery, CanvasChamp gives attractive prices, premium printing quality and high-quality acrylic material. You must try this unique idea and give your loved one a beautiful yet funny, custom caricature stand.