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What is Pop Art?

Pop Art was first introduced in the 1960’s when it was called a modern art style. This style consisted of using the imagery of mass culture, mass production, and mass media. Nowadays, this style of art is mostly associated with the work of artists based in New York that began their work in the 1960’s, such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Different Styles of Pop Art

There are several different styles of Pop art. The most common ones we have are listed below:

Warhol Style


Andy Warhol himself was the biggest star of the movement called Pop Art. Throughout the span of his life, he turned the world of contemporary art upside down by using mass production ideas in his artworks.

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Roy Lichtenstein’s work was majorly influenced by the comic book as well as popular advertising styles. According to him, pop art style wasn’t just American painting; it was actually an industrial style of art.

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pet glo portrait

Pet Glo Portrait

Pet Glo Portraits are another style of pop art in which there is use of realistic brush strokes and texture with highly bright colors that can capture the true personality of any of your favorite pet such as dog or cat.

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What We Offer in Pop Art Canvas Print

We are the specialists of pop art as we can print and create top quality pop art on canvas for you. You will find a variety of options available on our website if you are interested in purchasing canvas prints of pop art. So go ahead and find yourself the most suitable pop art style and get your personal photos transformed into electrifying art pieces associated with pop art!

What We Offer in Pop Art Canvas Print
Cool Designs we Offer To Pop Art On Canvas

Cool Designs We Have

There are a variety of cool designs that we have for you available in pop art style. If you don’t believe it then give it a try yourself and you will be surprised! It is amazingly affordable as well as easy for you to turn your favorite images into pop art. So get ready to give it a shot and mix it all up!

Ask about Pop Art and get answer in email.

Questions and answers about Pop Art

Q: Hi there,I would like to find out the approximate cost of 3 x popart canvas prints. One canvas of each of my 3 children. I'm thinking of 50cm x 50cm, with 4 panels on each. I'm wondering if I could use a different image for each of the 4 panels, or whether it would have to be the same image repeated in each of the 4 panels per canvas? Many thanks, Jane

A: Dear Customer Greetings! Thanks for getting in touch with us. Please know that you can have the same image on the pop art and also if you want 4 different images than you just have to place order and mention in the comment box that you will send 3 additional images for the pop art. You can submit those image in the order ticket by logging in to your canvas champ account after you place the order. Please know that you will get comment box on the shipping and payment page after you proceed to checkout.Mention your doubts in that comment box and we will take care of it. Please let us know if we can help you further. Kind Regards Sam Canvas Champ.

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