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Create Colour-Changing Magic Photo Mugs

Create happy mornings with a magic cuppa full of memories!

Create Colour-Changing Magic Photo Mugs

Present a photo magic mug to your dear ones as a gift!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to give a magic mug to make the mornings enthused of your friends and family? Well, now it's as easy as a few clicks to make a cool magic photo mug with us! All you have to do is then show up with magic mugs Australia as a gift to your favourite friend and surprise them!

Product Details:

  • Mug capacity of 325ml
  • Heat-activating black finishing on the mug
  • Photo collage or a single photo option available
  • Can add custom text
  • High-quality photo printing technology

Features Offered to Create Personalised Magic Image Mugs Online

Personalised Magic Image Mugs

Whether it's a hot cup of tea or coffee, magic mugs come inevitably with one function, and that is a heat-and-reveal technology which makes it black coating transparent to reveal a photo printed on the cup. But not only this, we have other features that you can add on to make a perfect photo magic mug with us!

  • Choose a single wraparound photo for a panoramic view of your favourite memory
  • Image options up to 4 photos on a mug for a perfect layout
  • Add custom text or clip art to help tell a tale of adventure.
  • White or black ceramic photo mug with thermal heating properties
  • Pay securely online at our website
  • Get various delivery options for your photo magic mugs

Why Get Magic Picture Mugs Printed Online?

Every mug worth its beans or leaves deserves its specialty too.

  • Heat-sensing surprises

    Heat-sensing surprises

    This photo mug unveils your favourite photo every time you pour a hot drink to make your moment happy instantaneously.

  • Sustainable design for everyday usage

    Sustainable design for everyday usage

    This magic cups can maintain it's quality from making the colour and picture intact even from frequent use.

  • Wrapped with care

    Wrapped with care

    Bubble wraps are ensured thoroughly to let the magic image mugs reach you safely.

Photo Magic Mug FAQs

Find here the most common questions generally asked

  • Q: Does your personalised magic photo mugs produce artwork?
    A: We only and absolutely make custom design artwork for our clients. You can give us a family photo, an artwork or even a design of your choice, and we will print it on your photo magic cup.
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  • Q: Do prints on magic picture mugs stay permanent?
    A: Yes, the printed photo on the surface of the mug stays permanent even with daily use. Only make sure that the surface doesn't get scratched by pointed objects as that might chip off the photo printed.
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  • Q: What is the magic behind the colour change in the mug?
    A: This colour change effect is due to a thermochromatic ink used on the mug while subliming the photo on the mug. When this ink comes in contact with hot liquid such as tea, coffee or water, it shows the image on the inner surface of the photo magic mug.
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  • Q: Do Magic Mugs come in colours other than black?
    A: Yes, there are many stores that may provide you with a variety of colours but the black colour has been the most efficient in hiding the picture than the other colours.
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  • Q: What temperature is needed for the image to appear on the mug?
    A: Sure the visibility of the photo depends upon the temperature of the beverage poured in the mug. Usually, we all take a drink that is hotter than 75°C. Hence, the magic photo mug will show your printed photo when a hot liquid above 75°C is poured.
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