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Freshen Up Any Wall With Custom Photo Wall Murals Designs

Freshen Up Any Wall With Custom Photo Wall Murals Designs

Beautifully customised texture wallpapers to illustrate your magical moments on walls

Whether you are starting a cafe, renovating your office space, revamping areas like backyard, garage, staircase walls, or designing a new home, now add a touch of magic to your walls with self-designed personalised wall murals. These wall murals are ideal for hiding old drably floors and give a brand new look to your dull wall monochrome.

We understand that when it comes to walls, the choices are very particular as everything needs to be as per the furniture, existing decor, and most importantly, as per your choice. That’s why at CanvasChamp, you get the flexibility to choose your preferred image, design, texture, and size when it comes to designing your custom photo wall murals.

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  • wall murals for home

    Wall Murals for Home

    Revamp your home decor and represent your style statement with our exclusive wall murals. We have a wide range of premium-quality family wall murals that adore your space. From spiritual to floral and any other customised print, CanvasChamp has everything you want in every piece of impressive and elegant wall murals.

    • Basement
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Dining Room
    • Game Room
    • Garage
    • Hallway
    • Kid's Room
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Nursery Room
    • Girl's Bedroom
    • Home Office
    • Boy's Bedroom
  • Wall Murals for Business

    Wall Murals for Business

    Enhance the appearance of your corporate and retail place with professional wall murals. Decorative wall murals with your company name, logo, and other text can help your walls convey your business purpose and grab your audience's attention. Elevate your business ambience with striking images engraved on our custom wall murals.

    • Bar
    • Hotels
    • Corporate Office
    • Salon
    • Hospital
    • Educational Institute
    • Gym
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Shops
    • School
    • Stadium
    • Dental
    • Coffee Shops
    • Science Lab
    • Events
    • Interior Designer

Custom Size wall murals

  • small wall mural


    Every tiny space requires a masterpiece to elevate the overall space. Don’t ignore those places, customise a small wall mural with CanvasChamp online now. Let every corner compliments the entire area.

  • small wall mural


    You get bored with ordinary room settings, don't you? Add a stylish look to your space with our oversized wall murals and classically decorate your walls.

  • small wall mural


    Get wholesome experience of decorating your office or home space with CanvasChamp. Add a little flair to your designer cap with a beautiful square wall mural because every wall needs a masterpiece!

  • small wall mural


    Add colours to your dull walls and get them delighted with our cheerful panoramic wall murals. The sharp details of our wall mural will mesmerize your visitors.

Wall Murals Printed Using Cutting-edge Printing Technology

Wall Murals Printed Using Cutting-edge Printing Technology

Get premium quality custom made-to-measure designer wall murals only on CanvasChamp.

Poster Satin Paper

  • Wall Paste Type: Dry gum (water active)
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

Non-Woven Plain Wallpaper

  • Wall Paste Type: Self-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

Texture Wallpaper

  • Wall Paste Type: Self-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

Texture Wallpaper

  • Wall Paste Type: Non-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

Get Your Wall Murals Straight to Your Door in Three Easy Steps.

  • Upload

    Pick Your Design or Upload Your Picture

    Get one beautiful design from our rebellious wall mural collection, and we are sure you will love them to the core. You can also upload your own design to give the final wall murals a perfect look.

  • Size

    Select Your Size

    Pick one size from small, oversized, square, and panoramic, as per your space, and add a fresh look to your ambience. Also, add a custom dimension that perfectly complements your wall.

  • Check out

    Add Effects and Checkout

    Give uniqueness to your ordinary picture with many inbuilt effects of our designing tool. Also, retouch your picture as per your desire. Get a preview and proceed to checkout once you are satisfied.

Unique Collection of Wall Murals For Every Mood

Unique Collection of Wall Murals For Every Mood

Look at your walls with a fresh look and start every day with enhanced positivity

Choosing a wall mural requires thinking and customisation depending on your walls, size you want, area you cover. Thus, finalising a wallpaper for walls is more complex than choosing a wall painting. And that’s why we present you with four different mural materials which you can customise based on your specific needs.

Poster Satin Paper

A satin paper poster mural is multilayer-coated wallpaper that comes with water-activated paste backing making it sustainable for a more extended period. We take special care for printing and use Latex print to deliver custom photo wall murals.

You can use these poster satin paper wall murals for both indoor and outdoor posters walls. So if you want a new look for your garden area or have an open cafe to run, try your creativity on these wall murals as size is no bar.

Non-Woven Plain Wallpaper

Love the peek-a-boo print, fascinated with landscape view, or like to flaunt with pastel watercolour walls? Now, upload any idea you have in mind on CanvasChamp’s design tool, and customise your non-woven plain wallpaper made up of using a blend of synthetic and natural fibres.

Texture Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive

Are you among those who like modern and elegant style for your home or office? Now upload your favourite texture colour image on CanvasChamp, and we will print and deliver customised texture wallpaper using the latest Latex Print technology. The best part is these texture wallpapers are self-adhesive, so you can easily remove and replace them when looking out for a change.

Texture Wallpaper - Non-Adhesive

Like having retro style homes? Now there is no need to spend tons of money to get your own custom texture wallpaper designs, which you can design online. These non-adhesive wallpapers are long-lasting, and the final product will be eye-catching; and when you will sit and watch having your last vacation photos on walls, the moment will be truly reflective.


What Is A Wall Mural?

A piece of graphic artwork that directly sticks on the wall and enhances its looks is known as a wall mural.

How To Make A Wall Mural From a Picture?

Upload any picture on our easy to access designing tool and make a beautiful and elegant wall mural from any of your preferred designs or pictures available in any format.

How To Create a Mural Wall?

It requires just a few clicks to create a wall mural. Just hop on our design tool, upload your design, select your size and material and process to checkout.

How To Prep a Wall for A Mural?

Remove all your old covering from the wall, rinse it well with mild detergent and let the wall dry completely before sticking to any wall mural.

How To Remove Wall Murals?

Start from the top of the corner, blow warm air on the wall murals, and gently pull them out with your fingertips.