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  • One-of-a-kind personalised acrylic block prints online
  • Rubbed finely to give clean-cut edges
  • Acrylic base with a reflective glass
  • Satisfaction is 100% assured. Get delivery of photo blocks Australia now!
Change the look of your home with these acrylic photo blocks

Change the look of your home with these acrylic photo blocks

CanvasChamp provides a wide range of personalised acrylic photo blocks that come with high quality and competitive prices. Check out our amazing prices today. One of our freestanding custom acrylic blocks is a unique way to display an image that is close to your heart. The polish offered by acrylic photo blocks is astounding, with the thick layer of plexiglass on top of the image to make it pop out. These are perfect for adding an eye-catching piece to your room. The timeless style of the unique acrylic photo block Australia will suit almost any home or office décor.


Options in Acrylic Photo Block Sizes to Let You Cover Full Photos

With a range of 4 x 4-inches to 8 x 12-inches, we have more than ten sizes for you select from in either square or rectangle form.


Acrylic blocks Australia are printed on high-quality photographic paper. The thick 0.7-inch glass on it will make your photo appear as if floating. Not only this, but it also brings out a bright colour vibrancy and makes your image pop out of the glass



Durable inks used for the prints and the black base behind the photo prevents light from reflecting. Hence the photo will be visible wholly from any angle in the light.

Why We Are a Perfect Making Acrylic Photo Blocks in Australia

Make beautiful decorating art-pieces with photo blocks. And here's why you should choose us:
  • High-quality photo paper used
  • Tight packaging for no damage
  • Good colour quality
  • Gift that feels customised
  • Freestanding if put anywhere
  • 100% quality assurance
Acrylic Photo Block Stand

Acrylic Photo Block Stand

The block can already stand freely on its own but to make your favourite picture more eye-catching, you can opt for a black backing to make the colours of a photo look more vivid.

All the Info on Acrylic Photo Blocks

Diamond polished acrylic block to show your happy memories:

The acrylic photo blocks are polished till they reflect light like a diamond to make your image look bright from any angle of light.

Get the best photo printing for your acrylic block:

We only use best of the best printing technology to print your favourite photo on your designed acrylic photo blocks.

Get dazzled from every angle of the light:

Since it is polished like a diamond, the light reflects on the colours of the photo to show the memory as bright as it is in your mind.

Making an acrylic photo block is very easy and convenient:

Our design edit tool is very simple and straightforward which lets you preview your chosen options at every step of your customisation.

High-quality materials and tough items used to make acrylic blocks:

Only the best quality of the photographic paper to print your photo and the best kind of plexiglass is used to create acrylic blocks.

Straightforward editing tool to make the acrylic blocks:

With a lot of options to design your photo the way you want, we have a convenient designing tool that is easy to use.

Lasts longer than other cheap products:

The acrylic photo blocks in Australia are pretty economical at price but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice on our quality. We 100% assure our quality.