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Put up your best photos for 3D Printing

We want to make your 3D photo pictures to look great, and the first step for it is to pick a great 2D photo! Some photos tend to look better with 3D effects- here are a few hints to help you choose photos that will bring you exciting results.

  • Look for images

    Mark those
    Images that have Vertical Orientation

    The process of 3D printing creates images that are more 3D enhanced from top to bottom, rather than left to right. A picture of Hugh Jackman running down a corridor will look good – but a view of Hugh Jackman stretching out to dunk a basketball would look great!

  • Look for pictures

    Watch out for
    Pictures with Depth

    3D will look even better if the subjects are far away from the background. Outdoor photos with 3D effect manage to look better for this reason. Also, indoor pictures in 3D are beautiful if the walls are far away from the subjects.

  • Look for good foreground

    Look for
    genuine forefront lighting

    Whenever practicable, pose for pictures where the foreground is more brightly lit than the background. That would make the subject pop out from its surroundings when made into a 3D photo.

If you have queries about a photo, remember that our specialists are standing by to help!

Product Specifications

Exceptional And Practically Immortal

3D photo prints at CanvasChamp are made using the latest technology and the finest materials. You will get a stunning 3D replica in a quality frame that can last for over 50 years! Custom 3D photo prints are considered one of the best and unique legacy tokens.


  • Water-proof
  • Prints are washable
  • Durable - 50 years of indoor use


  • 3-5mm thick frame and an edge-band protector for a lasting finish
  • Accompanied by a modern black style frame


  • Customizable size up to 24" height and width


  • Printed lenticularly on a Heidelberg offset printer giving a 3D illusion
  • High-quality PET sheet material used to bring out the precision of image
  • Viewing angle 75-80°

Please also note that we are unable to offer a preview of this product due to its unusual visual nature. Also, keep in mind that all CanvasChamp products carry a 100% money-back guarantee.

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create your own 3d picture

Personalised 3D Pictures

Now you can create a great custom 3D picture from any photo! These fancy 3D personalized picture frames are beautiful and last for fifty years or even more. Our 3D printing process presents a fresh 3D image that appears to float in a contemporary black frame. Personalised 3D pictures are a unique choice as gifts for any occasion.

  • Gifts
  • Special Occasions
  • Just for Fun!

How about a personalised 3D gift for the person who means special to you? Customised 3D picture frames make a remarkable furniture piece to any room or a striking decoration for any office. Use our 3D photo print design tool to create your 3D photos today!

Stunning 3D Picture Frames

Stunning 3D Picture Frames Make Your Photos Come to Life

Just imagine that your images are printed inside a sleek, high-tech frame with a mind-blowing 3D! How amazing will that look! Your photo will resemble as if floating in the three-dimensional space— what a marvellous way to cherish special occasions or memorialise a loved one or event. With custom sizes up to 24"x24", these thick, durable frames look great in any room. 3D picture frames are a genuinely new expression for your memories.


    Latest methods in printing technology have made 3D printing affordable for any home these days. Printed lenticularly on high-quality 3D PET sheets, your photos come with a lovely modern black frame in jaw-dropping 3D. Edge band protection shows that these high-quality images are as sturdy as they are beautiful. 3D frames are proved for 50 years of indoor use! Waterproof and washable, your memories can be more than safe – and unforgettable with our 3D printing technology.
  • IT IS 3D! 75-80° VISUAL ANGLE

    You won't believe us when you see your photos portrayed in a beautiful 24-inch 3D photo frame! Digital 3D photo frames feature a 75-80° visual angle – you'll be amazed at how the image reflects its 3D look from near and far, or virtually from any corner. Your photos will seem to come to life! A smooth black frame looks excellent on anything too! Convert any photo into a hypnotic image you and your guests won't forget.

    We can make any photo you give us from subtle to sensational with our custom 3D printing. Your photographs will have a new look with an extraordinary 3D finish, set off by a sleek black frame. 3D photo frames add an extravagant touch to any room of your home or office, and they give new animation to any photo or art. Ever feel like your photos on the walls are fading into the woodwork? Get your walls a new spark with 3D images in black frames!

    When you see the amazing sparkle of a custom 3D picture frame, you’ll have only one question running through your mind: 'Which photo shall I choose for a 3D look?' The good news is that 3D printing is singularly affordable – you can have an array of stunning 3D images at your home or office! And that too at an excellent price! What picture wouldn’t look better, more alluring, floating in a beautiful black frame in three dimensions effect? Any image would make a lovely 3D print!

    Throw those old and worn shoeboxes full of photos away! You've never seen your images look like this! Your photos just got a new life on your walls with digital 3D printing. Guests at your home will be amazed at the mesmeric power of three-dimensional effect when your images are shown on with the latest 3D technology. You’ll also love the way a black frame would look on it at your home, and you'll enjoy how easy they are to clean and maintain. These water-proof frames stay classic for fifty years or even more! Bring your old photos into the 21st-century era– in scintillating 3D!

    What makes a gift great? Personalised? Lasting? Or different? Customised 3D photos are absolute all those things, and even more! Lovely black frames upon these photos make it an ideal souvenir for special occasions, or gifts for those hard-to-buy-for families. With our reliable and a spectacular 3D image, your friends, family, and co-workers will enjoy 3D photo print frames for years to come by. 3D photos look great on walls, on a coffee table, on a desk, or even in a trophy showcase. Make your next gift a beautiful 3D photo frame!

Need inspiration or innovation? Check out these great 3D photo ideas from our customers!