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Bring Forward Your Best Photos for 3D Effect

We want to help make your pictures look great hence we bring you 3D photo printing for it! The first step is to pick an excellent 2D photo to convert it into 3D. Here are a few tips on how to select a proper 2D photo:

  • Look for images

    Portrait Orientation

    The 3D effect looks terrific on photos that are portraits rather than landscapes

  • Look for pictures

    Focused Photos

    Photos with a subject in focus and away from the background are ideal for 3D printing. Such images are of outdoors where the environment is far away from the subjects or indoor photos where the walls are away from the subject.

  • Look for good foreground

    Bright Photos

    Photos that have good lighting on the subject than the background are an ideal-fit for 3D transformation.

If you have any trouble further selecting a photo, then we are here to assist you.

3D photo prints of wild animals
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  • Product Specifications

    Order Your Photos with a 3D Effect

    Get professional-like 3D photo prints from us made from the finest materials and latest printing technology. Our photo prints can last for up to 50 years or even more if well maintained. These 3D images can be the new trend to be given as a legacy to the future generation.


    • They are water-proof
    • Prints are washable
    • Durable up to 50 years (for indoor utility)


    • A 3-5mm thick frame with a long-lasting finish
    • Matte black coloured to suit any space


    • Customisable up to 24-inches in height and width


    • Using thermal sublimation to transfer a 2D image onto lenticular sheets
    • Viewing angle 75-80° to provide a 3D illusion
    • Best printer used to convert your photos

    Please note that a 3D image print design cannot be previewed as 3D is not visible on a 2-dimensional screen. If you are unsatisfied with the end result, CanvasChamp carries a money-back policy.

    65% OFF

    Personalised 3D Pictures

    Create animated images of your 2D photos with the help of our latest printing technology! Create a stunning appearance of your photos alive with the 3D photo printing process. Make some room on the wall to hang a masterpiece in 3D effect. Accompanying a black frame, it will indeed look like an art piece.

    • Gifts
    • Special Occasions
    • Just for Fun!

    Gift a moving image or message as customised 3D photo print that will spark interest and trigger a conversation! With this has a unique gift to someone who has everything, chances of being in the good books will shoot up! Create a 3D image with us today!

    Stunning 3D Picture Frames

    3D Picture Frames Giving Illusion of Movement

    Make an optical illusion with a spectacular 3D effect of your favourite pictures! Let your photos look floating in a black modern frame as personalised 3D photos. With our latest printing technology, you can create beautiful 3D prints to match any decor space. Experience our state-of-the-art editing tool to create your very own 3D photo frames!

    Features That Magnify 3D Prints

    A certain peculiarities make 3D photos the best choice. Here they are

    Custom 3d Photo Printing – Now Also Available For Your Home Decor

    Water-proof and washable 3D prints are now available as household decorating items! Create beautifully and 3D effected photos from your favourite memories!

    It Is 3d! 75-80° Visual Angle

    Generally, 3D frames feature a 75-80° visual angle, which gives a feeling of movement of the photo's subjects whenever you go to and fro the photo.

    Your Favourite Photos Come To Life In Stunning 3d

    Add a charming touch to any room of your office or home by making your 2D photos into 3D picture frames! If you ever feel like your photos are fading into the conventional woodwork, 3D prints are here to bring a spark to your place!

    3d Printing From Any Picture

    We have made 3D printing very affordable hence you can create an array of 3D photo frames and decorate your hallway as you like! Any photo look fantastic as a 3D print!

    Digital 3d Printing Grabs New Attention To Old Photos

    Let go of your old 2D pictures and transform them into 3D prints! The effect of 3D will surely mesmerise people you flash the photos to and hypnotise them with the subjects bouncing animatedly.

    Personalised 3d Photos Make Incredible Gifts

    Personalised 3D frames are ideal for gifting purposes as they are customised, long-lasting and unique. Such a gift can definitely surprise and be made to feel special!

    Were You Satisfied With Our 3D Prints?

    Find our other photo products for more gifting ideas!