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36 Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation

Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation
36 Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation

By CanvasChampSeptember, 08 2021October, 21 2022Comment

You should always plan out the special day of your loved ones well. Whether it's their birthday or anniversary, it's always nice to pamper your family and friends on memorable occasions with some unique gifts. 

But, the task of choosing uncommon gifts for everyone can seem very challenging, especially when everyone has different tastes and interests. One thing you can do is give unique gifts that everyone can cherish for their life.

Though a unique personalised gift has a lot of meaning for the recipient, it's essential to choose something unique and made just for them. That’s what this blog will help you pick among the best unique personalised gifts for your loved ones and show them that you have invested your time and efforts into it.

How To Win Friends And Influence People With The Best Gifts Idea?

You just have to look in the right places to find thoughtful and unique gifts. So whether you want a specialised gift or customised mugs, here are some unique gift ideas you may want to consider for your friends and family. 

You'll find gifts for everyone on the list - even hard-to-buy-for tween girls and boys! We even provide personalized recommendations for the whole family and kids! Take a look.

Best Unique Custom Gifts For Every Relationship:

Gifts for the recipient

Personalised Gift Type

Best Occasion To Gift 

For Friend

Photo Collage, Acrylic Photo block, Coffee Mug

Friendship Day

For Mother

Custom Printed Apron, Printed Chopping Board, Custom Tote Bags

Mother’s Day

For Father

Playing Cards, Photo Calendars, Metal Prints

Father's Day

For Husband

Magic photo Mug, Custom Sequin Pillow, Canvas Print Tabletop

Wedding Anniversary

For Wife

Photo Book, Heart Shape Puzzle, Custom Love Plaques

Valentine's Day

For Brother

Photo Bookmark, Custom Pendrive, Power Bank


For Sister

Pop Art, Custom Luggage Tags, Photo Ornaments


For Grandmother

Photo Pillow, Light Switch Panel, Christmas Tree Ornaments


For Newly Born Baby

Photo Moon Lamp, Photo 3D Lamp, Photo Magnets

Baby Shower

For Daughter

Photo Blanket, Quotes on Canvas, Emoji Canvas Print


For Son

Large Canvas Print, Digital Oil Painting, Customised Mouse Pad.

Graduation Gift

For Grandfather

Family Canvas, Double Layer Acrylic Frames, Personalised Photo Cubes

Retirement Gift


There are few things more rewarding than giving someone something tailor-made to their preferences. It will be more meaningful and enjoyable to receive personalised presents than a regular gift.

Best Gift Ideas Secrets Exposed! Here Are The Juicy Details:

1. Gift For a Friend

personalised gift for friends

Friendship Day is almost here! Want to give your best friend a gift that says she will always be there for you? A meaningful gift will let your friend know just how much you care for them. In addition, these gifts will strengthen your bond with your crazy pal, and they will appreciate them all.

1. Photo Collage: Relive all your friendship memories on this friendship day with a photo collage.

2. Coffee Mug: Let your friendship go even more robust with a mug of coffee. 

3. Acrylic Photobook: Create an acrylic photo block with your closest friends to keep track of their cherished memories.

2. Gifts for Mother

Personalised gifts for mother's day

Mother's day is not just about spending money on presents; her appreciation lies in thoughtful gifts. You should be sure to show your mother your love on this special day of the year. Learn how to make Mother's Day more unique and personal to show your passion by exploring the mother's day gift ideas.

1. Custom Printed Apron: Gift your mom a custom printed apron to thank her for all the delicious cooking on this mother’s day.

2. Printed Chopping Board: Tell your mother how fond you are of her cooking with a chopping board. This mother’s day shows her love and care on a printed chopping board.

3. Custom Tote Bags: It’s time to surprise your mom with custom tote bags - let her carry vegetables with extra love and care.

3. Gifts for Father

Personalised gift for fathers

There is no doubt that the father is the foundation of any family. Fathers play a large part in different personalities in every family, such as best friends, advisers, caregivers, and many more. Order the best father's day gifts online during Father's Day from CanvasChamp so that your unrelenting love and affection can be seen to the fullest.  

1. Personalised Playing Cards: Play a game of four on this father’s day with your best memories printed on playing cards.

2. Photo Calendars: Don’t let him miss out on the anniversary by helping manage your time for your loved ones with unique photo calendars.

3. Personalised Visiting Cards: Let your dad add spark to his professional life on this father’s day by gifting him a personalised visiting card.

4. Gifts for Husband

Personalised gift for husband

You can memorialise your anniversary by looking back on all the good times and experiences you've shared. However, it is not always possible for you to express your love for your partner in words, so try giving your loved one some gifts. So if you're having trouble deciding what to give your husband, pick from the below list of gifts, and you can make your anniversary memorable by providing one of these gifts.

1. Canvas Print Tabletop: Celebrate your anniversary by remembering your first day of marriage with a canvas print tabletop.

2. Magic Photo Mug: Enjoy your anniversary evening with a coffee in a magical photo mug.

3. Custom Sequin Pillow: Get a custom magic sequin cushion cover on your anniversary and add sparkle to your husband’s life.

5. Gifts for the Wife

Personalised gift for wife

Whatever you may say regarding Valentine's Day in words or actions, a gift can say a thousand words that are always unsaid. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to send your love and let them know how important they are to you. You can make this special day memorable by choosing these valentines day gifts.

1. Anniversary Photo Canvas: Relive your love journey again on this valentine’s day together with our customised anniversary photo canvas.

2. Heart Shape Puzzle: Celebrate Valentine's day with a bit of twist with a personalised heart-shaped puzzle.

3. Custom Love Plaques: Immortalise your love on this valentine’s day - gift your favourite love song with custom love plaques.

6. Gifts for Brother

Personalised gift for brother

If you want to buy something special for your brother on his birthday, the below list of gifts can make your work easy. Things related to his interests can make good birthday gifts for brothers, such as gifts related to his hobbies. We have simplified the choice of a gift by preparing a small guide of gift ideas.

1. Personalised Power Bank: On this birthday, gift your brother a personalised power bank to help them keep their devices charged just like their spirits.

2. Photo Bookmark: If your brother is a bookworm, let him enjoy reading more with custom bookmarks.

3. Custom Pendrive: Let your brother store all his important documents and precious memories safely - gift him a lovely custom photo pen drive.

7. Gifts for Sister

Personalised gift for sister

There is nothing more important to you than your sister. You want to give her a gift that shows her how much you care beyond words, whether you're getting it for her birthday, a holiday, or just because she cooked your girlfriend’s favourite food. Our gift suggestions will help you arrive at the perfect gift that your sister will treasure forever, even if your creativity has run out.

1. Pop Art: Let that pop artist inside your sister be out this Easter with customised pop art. 

2. Custom Luggage Tags: Allow your sister to travel in style and show how much you care for her with custom luggage tags.

3. Photo Ornaments: Let your sister wear the most elegant custom ornament and cherish the memories you share with her.

8. Gifts for Grandmother

Personalised gift for grandmother

A grandmother's wisdom holds a family together, gives your parents a sense of peace, and is often a source of hilarious stories about your parents! Gift shopping for Grandma can be challenging when it comes to the Christmas season. But, these perfect gifts will delight any grandmother!

1. Photo Pillow: Allow her to hold your best memories/moments this Christmas night with a customised photo pillow.

2. Custom Light Switch Plates: Add more love to your grandma’s place with Christmas lighting: Gift her a customised light switch panel.

3. Christmas Tree Ornaments: Make more memories with your grandmother by gifting her a Christmas tree. Put personalised ornaments on her tree and surprise her.

9. Gifts for a Newborn baby

Personalised gifts for newly born baby

Has someone in your family been blessed with a baby? You should celebrate this moment by presenting a gift that reflects your gratitude. 

1. Photo Moon Lamp: Bring the moon to your friend’s newborn baby with a photo moon lamp.

2. Photo 3D Lamp: When you give a photo 3D lamp as a gift to a new baby, you will brighten their day.

3. Photo Magnets: Let that first smile of your best friend’s newborn baby stick out with a personalised photo magnet.

10. Gifts for Daughter

Personalised gifts for daughter

Listed below are some thoughtful gift ideas for your daughter that are sure to impress her on special days like Halloween night.

1. Photo blanket: Have her sleep in comfort and peace on this scary Halloween day with a photo blanket.

2. Emoji Canvas Print: Let there be laughter and smiles on your daughter’s face with an emoji canvas print.

3. Quotes on Canvas: Keep your girl inspired and motivated this Halloween with a personalised quote on canvas art.

11. Gifts for Son

Personalised gifts for son

One of your most worthwhile and memorable experiences as a parent should be witnessing your child graduate. Your son deserves the best graduation gift, and you want to make his day even more special. Here is a list of the top college graduation gifts that your son will love!

1. Large Canvas Print: Make your son’s graduation day celebration even larger by gifting a large canvas print to your son.

2. Digital Oil Painting: Add a digital touch to your best memories on this graduation day with digital oil paintings.

3. Customised Mouse Pad: Gift your son a customised mouse pad on his graduation day as a small token of appreciation.

12. Gifts for Grandfather

Personalised gift for grandfather

Compared to their parents, kids are more likely to develop strong bonds with their grandparents. This is because grandparents pamper and protect their grandchildren from all possible difficulties and shower love. We have a great selection of customised gifts that will let your grandparents know how much you appreciate them.

1. Double-layer Acrylic Frames: Preserve your grandfather’s best memories with double-layer acrylic frames.

2. Family Canvas: Bring the lineage of the whole family in a single frame with a personalised family canvas and gift it to grandpa.

3. Personalised Photo Cubes: Customize your memories and fun moments with personalised photo cubes and let your grandpa be playful and stay engaged no matter his age.


Presenting your friends and family with an impressionable gift leaves a lasting impression, and that brings comfort. That's right, isn't it? However, giving a gift that is distinctive and eye-catching with a personal touch is unusual. 

With CanvasChamp, you can create your masterpiece and customise unique gifts Australia to preserve those special memories forever. Tell the stories that touch you - inspiring, moving, motivational and ambitious - by gifting a custom canvas print to someone who inspires you. 

Choose and send unique photo gifts Australia to your loved ones and delight them. Want more gift ideas? Check out our latest range of photo gifts and canvas prints on CanvasChamp.