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30 Inspiring Ideas for Ideal Canvas Prints

30 Inspiring Ideas for Ideal Canvas Prints
30 Inspiring Ideas for Ideal Canvas Prints

By CanvasChampJuly, 10 2020August, 16 2022Comment

The most common way for people to display art in their homes is with canvas photo prints. Now, you can print any high-resolution image and change the vibes of dull and boring-looking walls and home corners. 

Canvas prints offer a great way to decorate diverse settings in your home and workspace, from the living room or dining room to the children's room, the bedroom, and even the entrance and kitchen. 

If you are already convinced, find the best ideas to try when designing custom canvas prints for your home. 

Best Canvas Print Ideas for Diverse Spaces

These are some of the best canvas print ideas that people have used for home decoration. You will be amazed at how beautiful and unique they have become. Check out yourself the list of the latest 30 canvas print ideas:

1. Animals For The Kid's Room

Hanging animal canvas prints always look beautiful on the walls of your kid's room. You can enjoy customising the beautiful animals on cheap canvas prints as they make the best for your kids’ nursery. 

If you have a toddler and plan to get him admitted to the school, you need to apply for this. And introducing mother nature to your kid at the right age is a must as it helps them cultivate virtues such as tolerance, compassion, and empathy. 

Pick among the below-listed animals to design on canvas prints:

1. Panda

2. Polar bear

3. Whale

4. Bunny

5. Fox

6. Flamingo

7. Dinosaur

2. Personal Portraits 

Personal portraits are an excellent addition to any room. The custom canvas print picture looks when you place it in the mirror or hang it in your living room. 

If you want more from it, try offering an eclectic look at your remarkable achievements and goals that you have recently fulfilled.  Or try the below-listed canvas print ideas for showcasing your portraits. 

Personal portrait canvas print ideas:

1. Choose a dramatic feel image of yours for fun.

2. Take an extreme close-up picture of your loved ones.

3. Try customising a photo where you hide your face behind things.

4. Shoot your kid’s hand in your hands.

5. Focus displaying your household things.

3. Abstract alphabet

Find a quote that appeals to you, and use tape to stencil the letters. Place the notes on your canvas and adhere them. Choose a variety of paint colours and use broad strokes to apply them to the canvas. 

When you cut the tape, you'll be left with a lovely canvas with a message that will inspire you. 

Abstract alphabet canvas prints are best suited for:

1. Kids to whom you want to introduce the alphabet

2. Sending a coded message of love to a partner

3. Decorating a cafe 

4. Splash Art

Cover a canvas in paint to make it an intense colour and then splatter bright colours. Make this DIY project outside to avoid splashing paint on something important in your house. 

If you know someone who loves art, consider designing a splash art canvas print for them and have them amazed at your thoughtfulness.

Other splash art canvas print ideas to try are:

1. Kid’s competition splash art form

2. A vibrant photo you loved online

3. Logo of your firm designed by a customised splash artist

4. Nature-inspired splash artwork

5. Pixel painting 

Create a pixelated pattern by arranging colours in a grid of the same hue. Draw a grid of equal-sized squares around your canvas, then paint each with a subtly different tone. You can show this in a living room, bedroom, kids’ room or office.

Pixel painting ideas to try on canvas prints:

1. Use your images for pixel painting

2. Choose a vacation picture

3. Explore with game elements like Overwatch, Breath of the Wild, and more

4. Focus on facing paint

5. Highlight your first bought furniture 

6. Showcase your designer’s best clothes designs 

6. Geometric canvas

Vertical lines on canvas can suit significantly in your home office or your actual office cubicle. You can outline your logo and fill the space with complementary paints like teal, turquoise, and white.

Or try customising the below ideas for geometric canvas prints and wrapped canvas:

1. Sunrise over the geometric sea canvas

2. Clockwork canvas

3. Around we go photos on canvas prints

4. Soft blue colour designs

5. Pastel colour paintbrush drawings


7. Puffy paint

Make your DIY canvas into a three-dimensional work of art. Choose an inspirational word or quote and use puffy paint to apply it to your canvas. Before hanging, make sure the paint has dried for at least 24 hours.

Other ideas for puffy paint canvas:

1. Dancing ninja

2. Garden owl canvas print

3. Puffy clouds

4. Puffy woman lip’s painting

5. Cloud wall decor design

8. Cut it out the canvas

Use watercolour or acrylic paints to cover the entire surface of a blank canvas. Cut letters from contact paper to form a word or expression, then adhere them to the canvas for a two-toned masterpiece.

Get your hand’s design Cut it out the canvas ideas:

1. Baby quotes like it’s cold outside 

2. Breath it all in paintings

3. Room nameplate cum canvas 

4. Congratulation message canvas

5. Announcements

9. Twinkling canvas

Install battery-operated lights to add a touch of whimsy to your artwork. Your DIY canvas will twinkle during the holidays or all year long. 

Let your loved ones get the best surprise from you with bright canvas prints. It’s perfect to showcase your feelings of love, your long-waited feelings, and other special moments. 

Try out bright canvas print ideas like:

1. Dreaming tree canvas prints

2. New beginning canvas prints

3. Heart shape canvas 

4. Christmas tree canvas

5. When a star falls, canvas

10. Simple metallic accent art

It's simple to make a two-toned painting. First, it gives a chic look when you have a solid colour palette, such as red or blue hues on your canvas prints. Then, brush metallic paint on half of the tones to give your wall a soft, steely look.

No matter what kind of decor you want, with simple metallic accent art canvas prints’ latest range of wall decor ideas, you can get both minimal and glam options.

The best simple metallic accent art is:

1. Coffee mug prints

2. Food of your choice prints

3. Textured paintings

4. Persian Chic paintings

5. Primrose Mirror portraits 

11. Ocean Painting

Bring the beach straight into your living room or bedroom with this coaster. For a quick ocean drawing, uniformly add blues and greens to your canvas. With this, you not only get to enjoy a decent view but also love the feeling of breeze it offers. 

Bring a twist to ocean paintings with these ideas:

1. Seashore paintings

2. Liquid wave on canvas prints

3. Sea-side sunrise and sunset canvas

4. The great wave of Kanagawa

5. Breaking waves 

12. Pinwheel painting

Make a pinwheel DIY canvas for a trendy, modern look. First, draw a line across each triangular section, then paint each section a different colour. Then, to make it look more realistic, mix up the colours.

Just for boosting your motivation, try making little pinwheel greenwoods and match them with your style. 

Other popular ideas to try are:

1. Special Monday motivation

2. Home garden design

3. Textured wall art string

4. Bedroom home design

13. Love canvas

The word love is powerful in itself, and the feeling is so strong that it brings content to one’s heart. Being loved and loving someone makes you happy, so why not tell your love that you are the best thing that happened to me with a love canvas!

For this kid-friendly DIY canvas project, get out the finger paints. Allow the imagination to flow by stencilling letters to spell "love" or "home."

Other love canvas ideas to try:

1. Hi love painting

2. Flowers expressing love pictures

3. Song lyrics canvas prints

4. Heart painting 

5. Ring print on canvas to propose

14. Farmhouse flower

Floral images are among the most straightforward to make. Begin with a flower-like daisy or a tulip. Then, create a bouquet with more flowers or keep it simple with only a few.

Types of flowers to print on canvas:

1. Set of three magnolia flowers canvas print

2. Floral peonies canvas print

3. Wildflower print designs canvas print

4. Vintage art flower canvas print

5. Blue dandelion canvas print

15. A monogram

You can make monogram art by decorating a canvas with a festive design and a single letter. Draw the template with a pencil first, then choose a paint colour that complements the rest of the room's decor.

Because sometimes, you need something additional yet straightforward to change the look and feel of your room and what could be better than a monogram. 

Try new monogram ideas, including:

1. Decorative wood piece canvas

2. Chipboard Monogram canvas print

3. Button monogram canvas print

4. Lampshade canvas

5. Twig monogram canvas print

16. Yarn art

Are you looking for unique canvas ideas? Consider creating a yarn sculpture. You can use colours such as yellow, blue, and green to paint the parts. Make a set and display it in your living room or hallway to create a gallery atmosphere.

From a small retro spin yarn to a giant colourful yarn art print, you can customise everything from anything. 

Try these yarn art ideas on canvas prints will make your day:

1. Off-the-wall yarn art canvas

2. Intricate yarn form on canvas

3. Tribal paintings made with yarn

4. Alphabet with yarn

17. Gold painting 

Painter's tape and acrylic paint are used to produce this professional-looking artwork. Metallic colours or a rich colour like navy or hunter green can build your chevron pattern.

With gold and rose gold colours being famous, the concept of abstract canvas prints is winning everyone’s heart. 

Let the below-listed gold painting change the look of your home:

1. Paradise images on gold canvas prints

2. Forest mist on canvas

3. Gold under the sea paintings

4. Amber dusk painting ideas

5. Eden garden paintings

18. Simple signature

It doesn't have to be challenging to make your canvas art. First, paint a single colour on a canvas, then add a quote and a simple picture, like mountains, trees, or hearts.
But if all these canvas print ideas you have already tried and used, it’s time to think out of the box by framing your signature on the canvas.

Let the below simple signature canvas print ideas shine bright on your walls:

1. Signature of your grandparents

2. The first word that your toddler wrote

3. Your signature

4. Kid’s first school achievement with a signed certificate on canvas 

19. Herringbone canvas

Herringbone canvas is a vintage V paint canvas print design that makes your room look even more beautiful when used creatively. The method includes equal size patterns made in zig-zag style/

If you want to add a chic look to your bedroom or dining room, then go for a bright herringbone canvas. You can complete this piece in just a few hours with your very own DIY kit.

Add more value to herringbone canvas with these things:

1. Sponges

2. Acrylic paint 

3. Some tape

4. White paint

20. Love theme watermark

What can be more beautiful than expressing your love with watermark canvas print ideas? Designing these canvas prints is not just exciting but captivating too. 

Watercolour art can look lovely to make a space look delicate yet complete. You can try out watercolour tones of pink and red to give your white wall some warmth. Add a stencil or quotes on such a background colour on canvas.

Let the love spark in the air with these ideas:

1. A picture of you and your love holding an umbrella 

2. Giant coconut trees and birds

3. A girl on canvas showing how much she is in love with you

4. A glass of wine in hands when you proposed her

21. Quotes on the canvas

To achieve this look, progressively add more paint and colour to the blank canvas to create an ombre effect. Finally, personalise your piece by adding appreciation or love quotes.

Unique quotes to try on Canvas:

1. Motivational quotes

2. Love quotes

3. Family quotes

4. Business aspiration and learning quotes

5. Friendship quotes

22. Art Inspired by The Beach

To make your canvas look like moving water, use blue tones. Put a slogan on it, or keep it simple with a nautical theme.

The blue colour also brings a feeling of peace, depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, and more, and after all, you need to grow healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Go for designs like:

1. Blue whale for kids

2. Flora and fauna of your favourite island

3. Underwater sea walk with your partner

4. Scuba diving pictures

23. Roses on Canvas

Choose a favourite flower to paint on your canvas, such as roses or lilies. Include features such as leaves and stems to make it look as authentic as possible.

You will have a more substantial emotional impact on the people you give roses on canvas to, whether they are close friends or loved ones.

Give roses on canvas on special occasions like:

1. Birthdays

2. Anniversaries

3. Woman’s Day

4. Thanksgiving 

24. Holiday Canvas

Make a festive DIY canvas to decorate your home for the holidays. With a single colour backdrop and contrasting letters, keep it plain.

These holidays canvas prints will always remind you of two things:

1. The happy time you have spent in your life

2. The time will pass, and sunny days will come soon

25. Striped Canvas

Striped canvases are a modern and straightforward way to decorate your walls. Choose colours that compliment your other furnishings, such as green, blue, or purple.

The following ideas will cover more wall space and give your home a more intense look:

1. An idol you follow

2. Nature love

3. Kids growing steps

4. All your before and after pictures

5. Three goals you want to achieve

26. Pet On Canvas

Are you in love with your pets? Now, you can show your pet’s most adorable picture on canvas and keep those pictures always near you. Furry friends are the only friends who stay with you 24*7 and make their entire life around you. So let these friends of yours find a place in your bedroom’s best canvas print.

Try pet on canvas ideas like:

1. First day at home

2. Pet playing with his favourite toy

3. A particular date with someone

27. College Memories on Canvas

College time is filled with lots of joy, love, and carefreeness. So print your enjoyable day’s memories on the canvas and keep yourself full of life whenever you see them.

College memories to print on canvas and feel nostalgic:

1. First outing with the group

2. First speech on stage 

3. Favourite teacher’s picture

4. Graduation day celebrations

28. Black And White Prints on Canvas

Vintage has its beauty; no one can resist seeing a picture with a black and white effect. Likewise, you can turn your most beautiful scenery into black and white and print it on canvas for decorating your room.

Best black and white designs to print on canvas:

1. Your and your partner’s photos

2. Your kid’s portrait 

3. An old family reunion picture

4. Nature pictures of trees, sun, beach, and landscapes

29. Family Get-togethers on Canvas

Family holds its tradition, and the moments you celebrate with them bring a high amount of energy and positivity. So engrave your family get-together picture on canvas, and always remember there are some people behind you.

Occasions to express on canvas:

1. Friend’s birthday smash

2. Your pet’s first mating celebration

3. Welcome baby at home

30. Your Honeymoon memories on Canvas

A honeymoon is an unforgettable period for a newly wedded couple. It shows your shyness, nervousness, and also cuteness. Bring those beautiful moments back into life and add some spice to your romance by printing honeymoon memories on canvas.

Ideas to try:

1. Print a photo of your best destination

2. First meal you had after getting married

3. A gift you gave him to express your feelings

These were our ideas for you to create artwork that can look amazing and mesmerising on your walls. Hand-painted objects are often kept as heirlooms. Maybe, one of our canvas ideas might strike you best and inspire you to create your heirloom? Design your best creations and ideas only with CanvasChamp in Australia.