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Perfect Gifts for International Women’s Day 2023

Perfect Gifts for International Womens Day 2023
Perfect Gifts for International Women’s Day 2023

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 05 2021November, 10 2022Comment

Well, it’s that time of the year again, when the world proclaims and celebrates our true heroes! It’s International Women’s Day. Celebrated on 8th March annually, it’s a day that demands a special gift for the women in your lives, especially those who matter.

Now, you might be compelled to jump into the kitchen and bake your mom or sister or wife a cake, but we would advise against it for obvious reasons. Instead, you can take a seat on your comfy couch and order them a customised gift for the occasion.

And nothing speaks better than an entirely customised and well-thought-out gift that conveys your feelings and emotions. Whether it’s something as simple as a personalised card, there is a perfect personalised gift for every woman on International Women’s Day to a full-blown home accessory. 

But before you go around fishing for it, we will hook you up with a starter kit in that search! So, here are some of the best custom gifts you can give to those all-important female heroes in your life:

1. Custom Apron 

It is undeniable that our moms/wives cook us some of the world’s best delicacies with the added spice of their love. Hence, they also need protection while doing it. To do that, a custom apron would be a perfect addition. It would serve as the perfect battle armour while they are nailing down those recipes that put a wide grin on your face. 

custom apron with funky colours

Add to that the spice of customisation, and you have a grin across their face as well!. A win-win indeed!

2. Custom Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are cool! Hands down that is a known fact. However, a custom moon lamp is cooler! Take some time out and think of a memory that you want to add some life to. Get that printed inside your Moon Lamp.

Framed Photo of a girl enjoying sunlight

And Voila! Just like that, you have a perfect reminder of a sweet time when you turn it on at night.

3. Personalised Mugs

While it might seem like a cliche, a personalised mug still works wonders even to this day. Pick up a cool snazzy image, memory, or just a relatable quote, and you have the perfect mug material. Find the mug size and shape, and you have your personalised mug ready. 

personalized photo mug  for Women's Day

And whenever they sip their Earl Joe or just a mug of latte, your memory will add that extra bit of zest to the experience.

4. Framed Photo

There is just something that framed photos do that nothing else can. It’s a concrete memorialisation of a specific event or time in our lives. And what could be better than something that concretises that moment of you and them?

Framed Photo of a women enjoying sunlight

Pick up an artsy frame, or just the classic wooden one, and you have the perfect gift for them for international women’s day.

5. Photo Pillows

Pillows might seem like something delicate as is. However, you might be surprised how that little thing can jazz up an entire room. Customising something as simple as a pillow can uplift the vibe of a room.

Custom photo pillow for women's day

Pillows might seem like something delicate as is. However, you might be surprised how that little thing can jazz up an entire room. Customising something as simple as a pillow can uplift the vibe of a room

6. Custom Table Top

Want something off-beat and unconventional? Well, a custom tabletop is just the thing for that. Contrary to what Clint Barton said in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron,” Nobody eats in a dining room!” we beg to differ. We very much prefer to eat there. 

custom table top for women's day

Add to that the custom tabletop, and we will want to dine there with the whole 9 yards properly. On top of that, you also get a chance to show off your interior decoration skills to your mom/sister/wife. And if it pays off, the bragging rights are now yours as well.

It should come as an easy task to find the perfect gift with so many gifts to choose from. And while you are at it, you can check out the various personalised gift possibilities here at at prices that won’t break the bank.