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Top Modern Wall Art Ideas - Your Walls Need A Dose of Modernism

Top Modern Wall Art Ideas - Your Walls Need A Dose of Modernism

By CanvasChamp TeamMay, 24 2016December, 16 2021Comment

Your blank wall is unappealing and unattractive to the eye, and you need to spruce it up a little. When guests walk in to your home and see that your plain white walls are no longer dull and lifeless, they will be in awe of you. They might even replicate the success of your walls in their home by adding a touch of modernism to them. If you are excited to get started, look through the list of top modern wall art ideas to decide which one is for you:

1. Wall Painting

Are you a creative person or you know someone who is? If you want your walls to be splashed with something unique, you need to hire someone to paint a mural on your wall. If you do not have an artistic bone in your body, opt for peel and stick wall decals. They are sort of like wall printing, but in this instance, you can remove them whenever you want or change their positions throughout the house. They might just add value to your home!

2. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

Are you an avid photographer or you know someone who is? If you can get your hands on some beautiful photographs with scenic views, you can hang them on a wall, attaching each of them together with bamboo sticks. The pictures will go on a canvas, and only then will you be able to attach them properly and place the finished masterpiece on the wall.

3.  DIY Wall Art

You can find several DIY wall arts that you can create yourself or ask someone to help you in creating them. For instance, one wall art that is easy and cheap to make is the melted crayon canvas. All you need is several colourful crayons, glue, and a blow dryer to melt them and dry the glue. You can either create a black and white version or go with a more colourful version.

4.  Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are inexpensive to purchase and look wonderful on your walls. There are hundreds and thousands of different themes available online. You can choose between sceneries, mark events, and portraits to create Digital Oil Painting. You need to seek an oil painting that will best suit the theme of your home as well as your own personal style and personality.

5.  Photographs and Images

Family portraits on walls will never go out of fashion, especially if you place them strategically on a chosen wall of the house. For instance, the wall leading up to the second floor of the house is perfect for such pictures. Do stick them on the wall, but have them printed on a canvas. This way, you will have the best of both styles, traditional and modern.

What do you say? Which modern wall art idea is best for your home? Do not leave the walls of your home blank! Use them to express yourself, and the inner artist trapped inside of it.