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Halloween Decor Ideas with Wall Art

Halloween Wall Decor Ideas
Halloween Decor Ideas with Wall Art

By Canvas ChampJanuary, 17 2024January, 17 2024Comment

As the chill of autumn sets in and spirits prepare to roam, Halloween wall art becomes the heart of every haunted home. This ancient festivity, alive with tales of the supernatural, isn't just about the eerie and unknown; it's a canvas of creativity, imagination, and tradition.   

 Nothing amplifies the spine-tingling ambience of Halloween like festive decor. Beyond carved pumpkins and fluttering bats, Halloween printable wall art weaves the very tales that make this season so enchanting. And who better to bring these tales to life than CanvasChamp? With its diverse range of customisable wall art, CanvasChamp ensures every shadowed corner and moonlit room echoes with the whispers of All Hallows' Eve.  


  1. Canvas Prints: Classic Elegance Meets Spooky Vibes 

Canvas prints are a great way to decorate. When Halloween comes, they can help make your home feel spooky and fun.   

 With CanvasChamp, you can make your own Halloween printable wall art. The best part? You can pick from 8 different shapes and any size you want! This means your art can fit perfectly in your space.   

 Here are some cool ideas for your canvas:   

  • Vintage Halloween wall art: Think old-timey posters from past Halloweens.  
  • Black and white pictures of haunted houses: These can make any room feel a bit spooky.  
  • Movie posters: Pick your favourite Halloween or scary movies.  

 So, if you want cool Halloween canvas art that fits just right, CanvasChamp is the place to go!  


  1. Metal Prints: Reflecting the Chills of Halloween 

Metal prints are extraordinary. They shine and reflect, making pictures look cool and a bit spooky. Just right for Halloween!   

 At CanvasChamp, you can make your own Halloween printable wall art on metal. You have choices, too! You can pick from 3 shapes - square, rectangle, and panoramic. Plus, you can choose different sizes to fit your space.   

 Here's what you can put on a metal print:   

  • Reflective moonlit landscapes: Imagine the moon shining on a quiet night.  
  • Metallic-coloured witches and ghosts: Shiny pictures of spooky figures.  

 These metal prints can make your Halloween home decor pop. They add a touch of shine and spookiness. If you want to step up your Halloween interior decor, these spooky wall art pieces are a great choice!  


  1. Acrylic Prints: Bringing Dimension to Halloween Horrors 

Acrylic prints are cool! They have a shiny finish that makes pictures look like they pop out. It's like having 3D art on your wall. Perfect for Halloween!   

At CanvasChamp, you can make your spooky pictures in acrylic. You can choose from 3 shapes and many sizes. And the best part? These prints last a long time! You can use them for many Halloweens. They're also easy to clean.   

Here are some fun Halloween wall art ideas for acrylic prints:   

  • 3D zombies: It'll look like they're coming right at you!  
  • Optical illusions: Pictures that play tricks on your eyes and spook your guests.  
  • Creepy crawlies: Big spiders or bugs that look super real.  
  • Ghostly faces: Imagine a face that seems to float on your wall.  

These acrylic prints are not just for your living room. They make great Halloween bathroom art, too! And if you're having a party, they're awesome Halloween party decorations. If you want scary wall art that stands out, acrylic prints are the way to go!  


  1. Canvas Floater Frames: A Hauntingly Elevated Look 

Canvas floater frames are a neat way to show off pictures. They make your canvas look like it's floating. How? Your picture is inside a wooden frame with a small gap. So, the canvas is just hanging in the air. It's like a gallery-hung work of art!   

For Halloween, these frames make your pictures pop out even more. They turn simple pictures into the best Halloween decorations.   

Here are some spooky ideas for these frames:   

  • Framed pictures of scary movie stars.  
  • Dark woods that look like they hide secrets.  
  • Old, haunted houses with creaky doors.  
  • Witches are flying in the night sky.  
  • Ghosts that seem to pop out of the frame.  

If you want your framed Halloween wall art to stand out, these frames are perfect. Everyone will love your spooky art prints!  


  1. Canvas Wall Displays: A Horror Story in Multiple Parts

Canvas wall displays are enjoyable. They let you tell a story using more than one picture. And guess what? At CanvasChamp, you can pick how many pictures you want! You can choose from 3 panels all the way up to 7 panels. This means you can have a small or big story, whatever you like!   

For Halloween, these wall displays can make your home feel extra spooky. They're perfect for Halloween wall art.   

Here are some excellent ideas:   

  • A haunted house story: Start with the outside, then show creepy rooms, and end with a ghost!  
  • A witch's magic: Show her mixing a potion, casting a spell, and then flying on her broom.  
  • Cute monsters: Have cute Halloween wall art with friendly monsters having a party.  
  • A graveyard at night: Show different scenes, like a full moon, zombies rising, and owls hooting.  
  • A family of vampires: Show them at home, having dinner (maybe not blood!), and sleeping in coffins.  

Whether you want scary wall art or something fun, canvas wall displays are great. They make your Halloween canvas art tell a story everyone will love!  


  1. Custom Song Lyrics on Canvas: Haunting Melodies Immortalised 

Have you ever heard a song that feels just right for Halloween? With CanvasChamp, you can turn those spooky song words into awesome pictures for your wall!   

This is an incredible way to have Halloween printable wall art in your home.   

Here's what you can do:   

  • Put scary movie songs on canvas. Think of those tunes that give you goosebumps!  
  • Use words from famous Halloween songs. Like the ones, everyone sings during this season.  
  • Vintage Halloween wall art: There may be an old song from long ago that feels just right.  
  • Haunted house wall art: Lyrics about creepy houses or ghosts can look super cool.  

This kind of art is perfect for Halloween room decor. It makes your space feel festive and fun. So, if you love music and Halloween, this is a great way to decorate!  


  1. Split Canvas Prints: Segmented Scares 

Split canvas prints are cool! They break a picture into parts. It's like having a puzzle of Halloween wall art on your wall. The best thing? CanvasChamp has 8 Designer Groupings. This means you can choose how your picture is split. And guess what? When you get it, you can hang it up right away!   

Ideas for spooky wall art on split canvas:   

  • A big haunted house, but each part is on a different canvas.  
  • Broken-up faces of witches or goblins. It looks super creepy!  
  • Halloween canvas wall art of a full moon, split into parts.  
  • A spooky forest that's spread over multiple canvases.  
  • A big black cat with its tail, body, and head on different canvases.  

Imagine the surprise on the guests' faces when they piece together the spooky scenes. Your home will surely be the talk of the Halloween season!  


  1. Poster Prints: Affordable Frights for Every Room 

Poster prints are excellent. They're big and show off Halloween art prints well. At CanvasChamp, they can make any size you need. This means your Halloween printable wall art will fit just right.   

Ideas for big scary wall art on posters:   

  • Famous horror movie posters. Everyone will recognise them!  
  • Big posters for Halloween parties or events.  
  • Spooky art prints of old castles or graveyards.  
  • Giant spiders or bats that cover a whole wall.  
  • Old tales or stories about Halloween printed big.  

The larger-than-life visuals will undoubtedly make your home the ultimate Halloween haunt. Everyone will want to know where you got these unique decorations!  


  1. Personalised Wall Tiles: Tiny Terrors 

Wall tiles are little squares or rectangles you can put on your wall. They're like mini Halloween canvas art pieces. CanvasChamp offers them in 3 materials and four shapes. Plus, you can choose different sizes. And the best part? They come with special tape so you can easily stick them on the wall.   

Ideas for Halloween wall art printable on tiles:   

  • Small pictures of old Halloween cards. Together, they look like a big picture.  
  • Tiles that show a story, like a witch making a potion.  
  • Large Halloween wall art made of little tiles, like a giant pumpkin.  
  • Tiles with spooky sayings or words on them.  
  • Little scenes of ghosts or monsters, each on its tile.  

With these tiles, even the smallest corners of your home will ooze with Halloween spirit. It's all in the details, and these tiles capture them perfectly!  


  1. 3D Photo Printings: Real-life Nightmares

3D photo printings are super cool! They make pictures pop out and look natural. It's like the things in the pictures are right before you. This is perfect for Halloween wall art decor.   

Ideas for spooky wall art in 3D:   

  • Scenes that make you jump. Imagine a ghost popping out!  
  • Very real-looking monsters. So real you might get scared.  
  • Haunted house canvas art that feels like you can step inside.  
  • Creepy crawlies, like spiders or bugs, that look like they're on the wall.  
  • Faces of zombies or witches that seem to watch you.  

These 3D prints give your home the best Halloween wall art ideas. Everyone will love how real they look!   


  1. Peel and Stick Wall Decals: Temporary Frights

Wall decals are stickers for your wall. The best part? You can easily stick them on and take them off. They're called Peel & Stick Posters. Even the big sizes are not expensive. So, you can get big scary Halloween wall art without spending too much.   

Ideas for printable Halloween wall art decals:   

  • Silhouettes of ghosts. It'll look like they're floating on the wall.  
  • Spooky art prints with Halloween sayings or quotes.  
  • Symbols of witches, like hats or brooms.  
  • Footprints of monsters or zombies. It'll look like they walked on your wall!  
  • Cute Halloween wall art, like smiling pumpkins or friendly bats.  

With these decals, decorating for Halloween is easy and fun. And when Halloween is over, you can change your decor without fuss.   


  1. Custom Skateboard Wall Art: Ride the Wave of Horror

Skateboards are not just for riding. They can be art, too! For Halloween, you can mix skateboarding with spooky themes. It's a cool way to show off spooky Halloween wall art.   

 Ideas for skateboard art:   

  • Zombies on skateboards. Imagine them doing tricks!  
  • Nighttime rides with haunted houses in the background.  
  • Scary wall art of skeletons skating.  
  • Witches using skateboards instead of brooms.  
  • Spooky forests with skateboarding ghosts or creatures.  

 With these skateboards, you get a mix of fun and fright. They're perfect for anyone who loves skateboarding and Halloween.   



Halloween is a fun time, and decorating makes it even better! CanvasChamp has so many options to make your home feel spooky and memorable. Whether you like Halloween canvas art or Halloween art prints, there's something for everyone.   

CanvasChamp products are not just regular decorations. They're unique Halloween decorations that can change any room. You can even mix different products. A 3D photo next to a wall decal? Or a split canvas print near a skateboard art piece? When you mix and match, your home will be like no other!   


Looking for the best places to buy Halloween decor? CanvasChamp is the answer! So, if you're ready to make your home the talk of the town this Halloween, head over to CanvasChamp. Get started on making your own amazing Halloween decorations today!