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Gift Happy Memories on Acrylic Blocks During Any Occasion

Photos can be gifted on many items, but most preferred ones are framed prints or canvas prints nowadays. But sure then can seem extravagant but if you don’t want to show-off and still come out nice to your new neighbour or your new colleague, gift them an acrylic photo block! Acrylic photo blocks have been around for a long time but just about recently have they become popular again because of CanvasChamp’s easy editing tool. You can easily customise your favourite photos on it and give an elegant look to any picture!

Personalised acrylic photo blocks are perfect gifting items that can showcase any photos like artwork on a miniature scale. So the recipient can get to use them to display pictures on shelves, desks or even use it as paperweights on their office desks.

Here are some details about custom acrylic photo blocks:

  • They have polished diamond-cut edges that allow excellent viewing any details of the images inside the block.


  • With the ability to free-stand due to one-inch thick acrylic glass, your photos will look superb when displayed on desks, shelves and tabletops.


  • The acrylic glass is hand-polish for crystal clarity and a clean layered look from all sides to make the photo viewing delightful.


  • Acrylic blocks are available in more than ten sizes with white lustre photo paper with or without a base at CanvasChamp.

Custom Acrylic Photo Block Stand

Some Gifting Occasions for Acrylic Photo Blocks:

  • Valentine’s Day: On this particular day, usually people give gifts to their spouse or partner. But you can also provide gifts for your daughters, mothers or even grandmother who deserve all the love and respect from you on Valentine’s day. Take them out and gift them the most beautiful photo you have had until now together on an acrylic block and cherish the moment.


  • Parents’ Day: Loving our parents is never enough therefore whenever a Father’s Day or a Mother’s Day arrives, show them admiration and love with their photos on an acrylic photo block as a present and prepare a surprise for them.


  • Wedding: Birthdays, anniversaries, and other such days come and go but the wedding day is the most special. You can gift the about-to-be couple a recent photo of them on an acrylic photo block to help them remind how they happy they are about to start their newly married life!


  • Anniversary: Staying true and committed is tough nowadays, which is why show that your love is as strong as the acrylic glass of the photo block by presenting a wedding memory on the upcoming anniversary. Make a photo collage of the tough times you faced together and came out strong to remind yourself that you are a power couple.


  • Birthday: Birthday celebrations always obligate you to present the birthday boy/girl with a gift if you are close to the person. Instead of banging your head too hard on what to get, get them a beautiful acrylic photo block depicting a memory of a time you faced and came through together.