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3 Personalised Home Decor Items to Make Your Personal Space Look Perfect

Personalised Home Decor Items
3 Personalised Home Decor Items to Make Your Personal Space Look Perfect

By CanvasChampAugust, 20 2020June, 10 2022Comment

So your room is complete with the help of all the suggestions from interior magazines and your friends. You finally assembled all the big pieces of furniture and created a minimalistic yet elegant look of your room. The rush of personalising your space is finally over. Now what?

Finding the right items to frame your best memories even further to personalise your space is even harder. Should you go with the classic framing of the photos or choose canvas prints or some new form of art that is trending or what?

CanvasChamp brings you three economic and hip photo decorating options to go well with your budget, your room setting and even your mood of any time! All you need from your end are your favourite pictures to upload online on CanvasChamp’s design tool and start customising!

Here are the three custom decor items that you should be looking for:

1. Photo Ornaments

If you don’t feel comfortable with big items showcasing the faces in your photos but instead want to dwell upon the memory itself then getting photo ornaments is the best way to decorate your place.

Not only can you give a Christmassy look and feel throughout the year but also look at the memories printed on the photo ornaments with the same happy spirit and cherish them better.

You can customise with any size, colour and shape with your photos printed on it and decorate the corners of the desks, shelves or even bedside tables.

custom wood prints

2. Wood Prints

If warm shades if your thing then you should try out wood prints. This new trendy decor item works just like a photo frame but only that the surface is wood and your pictures exhibit a natural sepia filter through it.

Wood prints can go well on side tables, shelves, desks or near your tv set to give a family touch with your photos printed on it.

3. 3D Photo Prints

Getting something abstract in artwork takes your place vibe to a whole new level. But most people tend to get posters or canvas artwork for their walls when it comes to getting an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. You can be different with the help of custom 3D photo printing in Australia.

All you need to make sure is have a picture than has more depth on the subject than its background and watch how custom 3D photo printing can make your photo come alive!

CanvasChamp can help you create these three sensationally personalised decor items to help you adorn your personal space better. Check out other such custom home decor items by visiting our website today. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can revamp your old space within a few days at a low budget. Try customising your pictures today!