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3 Personalised Decor Pieces to DIY Online

Personalised Decor Pieces to DIY Online
3 Personalised Decor Pieces to DIY Online

By CanvasChampMay, 20 2020April, 01 2022Comment

It’s all fun when we want to make creative home decor through DIY projects. We usually end up hyping ourselves to take up these physically exhausting projects just for the sake of showing off to our friends on social media. That’s where we get carried away and end up not being serious of creating good home decor piece. But still gulp down the guilt of not liking it and keep it anyways because we hyped it beyond rejecting our own creation.

But then why not have DIYs done online through art printing providers that only request you to DIY design on a piece of home decor art and the rest they manage? Not only will they give a better end result but also make you show it off well to your friends and family!

3 Popular Photo Products to DIY Online

CanvasChamp is one such place where you can create DIY projects with your children on all kinds of photo products. All you need to know are a few steps on how to go through the process of DIY online and we put up the physical efforts for you! Here are three of the most popular DIY projects you can try with us.

Dining Room Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Did you know that you can now make your photos look inventive and inspiring just like those old museum paintings? By printing your photos on canvas prints, not only can you preserve your favourite memories forever but even pass on as an heirloom in your family! Here’s how you can DIY photos on canvas online:

Step 1: Choose photos to print on canvas
Step 2: Upload them on our design tool and decide which one goes well
Step 3: Customize your image on the tool through various personalising options
Step 4: Preview your design of the photos on canvas and then add to cart
Step 5: Pay securely and wait for us to deliver them to your home

Photo Magnets

Gone are the days when you would have to travel all the world to make memories and collect fridge magnets as souvenirs of the places you travelled. Well, how to cherish the memories made travelling? Through personalised photo magnets! Get to design your favourite memories from your vacation on photo magnets and make it an amazing home decor item for any metal surface! It is the easiest DIY with us through the following steps:

Step 1: We provide different shapes, material and sizes for photo magnets for you to choose for your pictures
Step 2: Once you select your above choices, upload your photos on our design tool
Step 3: Customise your photos with our personalising options such as background colour, clip art, add text, etc.
Step 4: Finalise the design and then add to cart
Step 5: Pay for it while checking out and wait for the delivery at your doorstep!

3D Photo Printing

DIY projects are always about making something creative for your home, right? Well, ever thought about giving a 3D effect to your otherwise digital photos as a DIY project? Through 3D photo printing with us, you can bring any of your pictures back to life!

Check out the following steps to go through 3D photo printing:

Step 1: Choose pictures and import them on the editing tool
Step 2: Go through custom size, hardware and finish for your photo customisation
Step 3: Finalise the design and check out after paying securely on the website
Step 4: Wait for the delivery at your doorstep and then hang beautiful photos made from 3D photo printing!

CanvasChamp can help you create many more such DIY online projects with the help of such home decor photo products. Check out our website and find more such DIY online for your home decoration!