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Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Rooms With Canvas Prints

Top Tips for Decorating Your Rooms With Canvas Prints
Top 5 Tips for Decorating Your Rooms With Canvas Prints

By CanvasChampJuly, 06 2020September, 12 2022Comment

Canvas photo prints have become increasingly popular and are a great way to decorate your home or office. Best quality canvas prints project a museum-like effect as the images jump out of the prints to create excellent depth perception and viewing pleasure.

With so many canvas print styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming what to pick and how best to decorate your walls.

But by following some tips below, you can get to choose the perfect prints to highlight any of your rooms.

1) Align The Mood of Your Room with a Theme

Understanding a room's purpose and attributes is essential before choosing a canvas print. Also, knowing how to match the image on canvas with your furniture is vital.

  • Is the room private, or does it, frequent guests?
  • Is the room used for leisure or work?
  • Is the room large, narrow or tall?
  • Would you be adding new furniture in that room?

These questions will help to determine the type of canvas art that will complement the colour and scale of a room.

2) Understand The Psychology of Colours

Neutral colours like black, grey, shades of white are calming, while vibrant colours like red, pink, orange, yellow bring excitement and action to a room.

For instance, you might choose brilliant shades of blue, red and green colours for a fast-paced office, lively yellow or green colours for a children's room or art studio, and neutral beige and soft green colours for a quiet retreat room.

3) Natural Landscapes Open Up Small Spaces

Sunsets, city skylines, natural scenery, and art portraying distant horizons are a great way to open up a smaller space visually. The view of a skyline can act as "window", making a small room feel more comfortable and appear much more spacious.

4) Canvas Size Should Depend on Wall Size

It is best to choose smaller or vertically lengthy canvas prints for narrow walls and larger canvas prints for big walls and spaces.

A large print on a small wall makes the image printed on it feel overwhelming, and the room starts seeming more smaller. On the other hand, a small canvas print on a large wall makes the room feel empty and unsatisfying.

5) Arrangements give a New Dimension to Home Decor

A common arrangement method is to align several prints next to each other to fill up space across a wall. Typically, these prints share a similar subject or design pattern for a consistent theme, but unlike triptychs, each print is unique.

For instance, one might line up three pictures of family photos or five prints of their kids, or emphasize a similar colour scheme among prints. There are many styles of an arrangement of canvas photo prints as well:

  • Vertical Arrangements: Hanging canvas prints vertically adds to a sense of height to the walls of a room.
  • Horizontal Arrangements: Hanging wall art horizontally can give the illusion of full space in a narrow room.
  • Diagonal Arrangements: Diagonal arrangements, such as prints hanging diagonally down a stairway, add excitement to a composition.