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Easter Frenzy Coming up in Australia!

Easter Frenzy Coming up in Australia!

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 12 2019March, 25 2022Comment

Like most of the things in Australia, the Easter tradition is a little bit unique here. Still, an essential Christian holiday where the resurrection of Jesus Christ is honoured, Australians choose to celebrate Easter in different ways depending on their religious views, interests and hobbies. In Australia, Easter falls during autumn which coincides with school holidays for the kids. Most parts of Australia enjoy the best weather during this time of the year.
Due to this, Easter frequently involves outdoor pursuits and adventure spent with friends and family. This usually consists of pitching a tent or a camping trailer by a river or the beach with friends and family. It can also include long days spent at the beach, playing sports at a park or travelling interstate to visit loved ones.
As Easter marks the return of life, it is also the time to celebrate after forty days of Lent that Christians observe. People engage themselves during this time in various activities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Here are some of the ways the Australians tend to honour the Easter holiday:
1. Prayers and Services:

Being the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, and with over half of the Australian population identified as Christian, families attend at least one church ceremony over the Easter period. Easter begins on Good Friday in Australia, which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is considered the day of mourning for many Christians and meat is often avoided out of respect. Even those who do not attend the mass throughout the year make it a point to visit it on Good Friday, as the day reflects the main idea in Christianity. The Easter holidays end on Easter Monday by enjoying a large family meal consisting of roast lamb, beef or chicken followed by roasted vegetables.

2. Food:

Many charitable and cultural organisations have Pancake Day to mark the beginning of Easter long weekend. Cooking pancakes and selling them for raising funds throughout the Easter week; eating hot cross buns is a common tradition. Easter eggs made of chocolate are traditionally consumed on the Easter Sunday. Easter egg hunts for children are conducted on the day of Easter. A favourite game of egg knocking is played where a member holds an Easter egg and taps it on another member's egg; this continues until someone’s eggshell cracks.

3. Easter Bilby:

The Bilby substitutes the Easter Bunny of the Western world in Australia. Some Australians dismiss the more popular Easter bunny as the rabbit is considered a bad omen, especially by farmers who suffered crop destruction due to rabbit infestations. The tradition, nevertheless, is still the same with the Easter Bilby just the way it is as with Easter bunny. So the Bilby (a type of small rodent which is endangered in Australia), being native to Australia, gives chocolates and candies in the form of Easter eggs to the folks.

4. Fun and Frolic:

Various cultural and sports events are held over the weekend. Throughout Australia, many cultural events and festivals take place over Easter. Games like the Sydney Royal Easter Show where they showcase the best farm produce in the nation which has rides, exhibits and farm animals for the kids. National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australian Gospel Festival in Queensland, the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival in Northern New South Wales and others attract people in thousands over the Easter weekend.
Due to a four-day-long holiday, the entire country comes in the mood of celebration. So the shops and the transport services, take a back seat and like any other Christian country, Australia also celebrates the occasion merrily.

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