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Difference Between Thin Wrap Canvas and Thick Wrap Canvas

Difference Between Thin and Thick Gallery Wrap Canvas
Difference Between Thin Wrap Canvas and Thick Wrap Canvas

By CanvasChampJuly, 14 2022August, 29 2022Comment

When we design custom canvas online, most of us think of its size. However, there is one aspect that a lot of us ignore is the thickness of canvas prints!  

Canvas comes in various thicknesses and choosing the right thickness of the custom canvas from the designing tool can help you mark the right impact and give an ambiance that your walls truly need. So, specific depths are better suitable for themes.  

For this, we have covered in detail the difference between 0.75" wrap canvas and 1.50" wrap canvas in this blog. Let us understand this in more detail.  

What Is the Basic Difference Between a .75" Wrap Canvas And a 1.5" Wrap Canvas? 

Let us understand why they both look similar at first glance yet differ from each other. 

A) 0.75" Wrap Canvas – The Best Option for Homes and Offices 

Thin Gallery Wrap Canvas

This is the most popular and the standard thickness for the wrapped canvas. Home designers and DIY project makers mostly use this canvas. A .75" wrap is the lightweight and thinnest canvas you will ever get. This makes it easily mountable on any wall without any hassle. 

A .75" wrap canvas can be easily converted into a frame so that you can adjust its place whenever it is needed the most. Also, when you customize it online, your actual image will get lost in the wrap because of its thickness. So, you do not have to worry about losing your artwork. 


B) 1.50" Wrap Canvas: Best Options for Gallery Display 


Thick Wrap Canvas

This wrapped canvas is thicker than a .75" canvas. It is used by art gallery designers and art installation service providers. Compared to a .75” wrap canvas, a 1.5 wrap canvas is heavy and requires wall-mounting equipment for installation. You cannot move it around quickly. 

This 1.5" wrap canvas gives your art or image lovely details and shines that attract anyone from a distance. It does not require any frame for detailing and has the power to make your artwork speak about any artisan's personality.  

But when it gives sharp details to your picture, you also lose more of the image in wrapping. Thus, you must pick the bigger picture, and you will never lose any crucial area in your photo.  

Parting Note: 

Whatever thickness you want to pick for your canvas print, check your usability and then decide as per the specifications we have mentioned here. 

If you want a canvas print perfect for decorating your home or office space, then you can go for a .75" wrap canvas. However, if you are a creative person and want to show your artwork, then a 1.5" wrap canvas is your best bet.  

At CanvasChamp, we are experts at developing custom canvas prints of all sizes and shapes. So, whatever size you pick, we make it attractive so there is no room for complaints. 

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