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Canvas Prints or Framed Prints: What to Choose?

Canvas Prints or Framed Prints
Canvas Prints or Framed Prints: What to Choose?

By CanvasChamp TeamNovember, 25 2020October, 20 2022Comment

One of the most frequently searched terms on Google nowadays is the differences between custom canvas prints and framed photo prints for home decor. With the pandemic making everyone spend more time at their homes, people have finally directed themselves into personalizing their home decor better.

The shortest answer to this search query is that it depends on your tastes and preferences, budget, choice of interior design, and the location where you want to hang your photo. In this blog, I’ll help you look through each option to select one over the other.

What is the better canvas or framed print?

Still confused about How to Choose Between Canvas and Framed Prints, check out in detail the below-mentioned canvas prints vs framed prints difference:

Canvas Prints

Framed Prints

1. A modern way to demonstrate your photos.

1. A traditional method for displaying a photograph.

2. Images are printed permanently on canvas prints.

2. Images can be swapped out of the frame.

3. An excellent opportunity for displaying photos with an interesting texture.

3. Prints are prone to reflecting light and glare.

4. Frameless, thus suits any area of home decor. 

4. Frames are heavy and not apt for random locations but go well with specific decor.

5. Offers room for creativity due to multi-panel options.

5. No multi-panel options, thus best for traditional decor.

6. Easy to handle, carry, and gift.

6. Heavy to carry, manage, and maintain.

7. Best for people who shift frequently. 

7. A good choice if you don't like making changes.

8. Lack of glass protection makes it easy to accumulate dirt.

8. Glass protection ensures the photo remains safe.


Prints on Framed Prints

Babies photo framed prints

Framed prints are traditionally printed on paper that comes in an aesthetically pleasing wooden frame. Printing is done on papers with various finishes and textures to give 100% clarity to the photo. Once the photo print is matted and framed, it creates a striking finish that is instantly lovable.

Pros of Framed Prints:

1. Gives a traditional look and appeal to your photos.

2. Multiple frame selections are available for a decorative accent.

3. The paper print showcases more detail of the photo than on canvas.

4. Black and white mats help excel the photo subjects better.

5. Photos with grayscale filter look sharper on fiber-based paper prints.

Cons of Framed Prints:

1. The glass on the frame gives away glares and light reflections.

2. Image size is printed smaller due to the mat taking up space around the photo.

3. Larger photo framed prints are expensive and have high maintenance.

4. Frames need to match the decor of the room, or else it would look odd-one-out.

Prints on Canvas

Canvas Print of girl enjoying sea side

To combat the cons of framed prints, people have started to look for a fresher and low-maintenance option such as canvas prints in Australia for a few years now. Although there was some hesitation in switching to a completely different medium than printing on paper, you’ll be surprised by the elements you benefit from it. You won’t have to compromise image details, texture, and even the richness of the photo’s shadows by printing on canvas.

With new canvas printing technologies, you can now print on a canvas without any hesitation and too online! All you have to do is upload your photo, customize it on the website’s design tool and add to the cart.

One can even choose to frame the canvas prints to make them stand out from the wall to guarantee consistency with your home decor or office decor.

Pros of Canvas Prints:

1. No glare compared to framed prints.

2. Versatile in looks.

3. Budget-friendly even if you choose the largest custom sizes.

4. Custom size options are available from 8”x8” to 54”x54”.

5. Weightless compared to framed prints.

6. Create multi-panel options for a canvas gallery.

Cons of Canvas Prints:

1. The texture of the canvas can distract you from viewing photos.

2. A photograph can not be changed as we can in framed prints.

3. It stays open to particles of dust in the air.

4. Direct light exposure can harm the photo printed.

Deciding the Best Option Between Canvas and Framed Prints

canvas prints and framed prints

It all boils down to your tastes and preferences. Some people love the canvas’s grainy texture to showcase their photos, and some can prefer the traditional way to frame their memories. 

CanvasChamp helps you to customize your photos online for either canvas prints in Australia or framed prints. You can also get to view the design proof to get a better idea of how your pictures will look on either of them before you decide to pick one.