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Canvas Photo Collage - Unexpected Gifts for Your Best Friends

Canvas Photo Collage - Unexpected Gifts for Your Best Friends
Canvas Photo Collage - Unexpected Gifts for Your Best Friends

By CanvasChampOctober, 05 2016September, 12 2022Comment

“College” years are some of the best years of our lives. This is the time we break out of the nest and as fledglings learn to fly. We start staying in dorms with relative strangers and for the first time learn to be without our immediate nucleus family. The rough and tumble of everyday dorm life certainly has a charm of its very own.  

However all too soon the years pass away in what seems like the blink of the proverbial eye. And before we know it we have taken the first tremulous steps into adulthood.  But as our graduation time nears, we realise that the ‘wonder years’ we have just passed though and the bonds we have created cannot simply be forgotten and we require something truly special to make those moments, those slices of our collective lives truly cherish-able for ever.

And this is where a “photo collage” comes in. We can lump all our foibles and our late night binge eating contests and our cram sessions into one big momentous canvas photo collage that would encapsulate all our memories in one place.  The sort of collage whose very glimpse would send us back to the not to distant past and we would feel that we have indeed travelled though time.  

What could be a better gift for our dorm mates, our college buddies and all those friends who had made those times of our lives so absolutely special? These days creating such a collage from our pictures is but a small task indeed. Small the job may well be, but its impact may be felt for the rest of our lives as a well made collage holds those memories as fresh and vibrant as a time capsule.

Enhancements in Photography Technology

With state of the art enhancements in photography technology it is far easier to make such a canvas photo collage and personalise it with the help of custom applications freely available at many online canvas printing studios. A collage print on canvas would not only be breathtakingly beautiful but also extremely durable as well since canvas prints don’t age easily and are utterly imperious to humidity and temperature fluctuations, thus ensuring that the memories can not only be shared but passed on from generation to generation.

In fact, it’s not necessary that a canvas photo collage be used only as a graduation present, but it may well make an amazing gift for almost every occasion where you want to surprise your best friend or friends with a collection of memories they have all been a part of. In fact, group canvas photo collages are increasingly becoming popular for precisely this reason.  So why not surprise the truly special people in your life with one?