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Best 11 Places in Sydney to Photographed by People

Best 11 Places in Sydney to Photographed by People
Best 11 Places in Sydney to Photographed by People

By CanvasChampJune, 22 2020April, 01 2022Comment

No matter you are planning a trip to Sydney or you are staying there, but if you are a photography enthusiast and love to capture different expressions around, Sydney can be your perfect choice. The city gives you immense beauty to gaze at. Speaking from a photographer’s perspective, the city is centered on two primary attractions, namely: The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

The city has everything. You can find great architecture, churches, graffiti, gardens, train stations, and yes not to miss, shopping arcades.

Besides the beauty, another interesting part is that most of the above-mentioned destinations are close to CBD (Central Business District), which makes it convenient for you to walk through and capture every single thing.

Considering that talking about ‘every single thing’ here, we thought of sharing the best 11 places to photograph in Sydney with you. Let us have a look at them:

  • The view from Sydney Observatory

    The view from Sydney Observatory

    If you are the one who doesn’t like things the way everyone sees them, the view from Sydney Observatory can be a great choice. But wait, do you remember the old saying, “great things take great efforts to be done”? Well, I won’t say reaching here requires professional hiking skills, but you’ll have to take a walk from Circular Quay through The Rocks all alone. Actually, people don’t know much about it.

    If it’s a winter sunrise, do take a coffee mug and put on your ear plugs with your favorite playlist. Believe me, the unusual view of the Harbour Bridge is worth every calorie you burnt while on your way.

  • Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

    Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

    Unlike our first location, you won’t be alone here. Having said this I mean the place is known by the photographers in Sydney, which means you’ll always be accompanied by a photographer or two. The best time to reach here is during the sunset. Ensure reaching around 30 minutes early with your tripod and camera (recommended) so that you can organise the setting accordingly. To reach here, you can either walk or easily ride your bike.

    I would like to suggest you that during a stormy day prefer not walking down on the rocks as it might be slippery. However, you can try the same during a calm night when it’ll be comparatively safer.

  • Bare Island

    Bare Island

    At number three is another ‘hidden place from Sydney’. Ok, I accept there’s no place hidden in the city, but yes this one again is a place less popular despite its enormous beauty. Well, the reason could probably be the time it takes to reach here. You’ll have to board bus number 391 which will take around 50 minutes to reach La Perouse parking space and a five-minute walk from there.

    Believe me, the place is worth all the time and efforts. Don’t trust me? You can find a YouTube video of the island on YouTube from the movie Mission Impossible II. Remember the final battle with the motor bikes? The place was the stage for the scene.

    The best time to reach here is sunrise or the early morning hours and find a different corner (there are already many photos from around the bridge). Try capturing the water movement that might be a good click.

  • Bondi Beach

    Bondi Beach

    At number four in our list is the most iconic and famous beach in Australia. At the initial stage of your walk, you’ll also find Bondi Icebergs Club, which is another famous place and you can also find celebrities hanging out here at times.

    You can spend a great time beside the outdoor swimming pool and can also have some great scenes to take a picture. If you like to have some dramatic effect to your pictures, a bad day could be your right choice with some black clouds. Otherwise, prefer visiting at the time of sunrise.

    Just an advice. A tripod might help you in taking some good picture, so you can prefer carrying it with you. The panorama images might yield great results.

  • Bondi- Coogee Walk

    Bondi- Coogee Walk

    This is one of those famous walks in Sydney that you can’t afford to lose. You always have the option to cover the distance between Bondi to Coogee by Bus, however, choosing to walk can give you some mesmerizing scenic views.

    There are many small bays along the path, which look simply astonishing. Especially a massive cemetery on the coast that you’ll see on your way. Its beauty will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

    I would suggest you start your walk a little early. Doing this you’ll be able to capture different colours of nature. Also, with the passing day areas close to Coogee and Bondi get a little crowded. Leaving early can help you avoid the masses.

  • Take a ferry from Manly Beach

    Take a ferry from Manly Beach

    I believe you might have heard someone praising the sunbath and swimming at the Manly Beach during the afternoon. But did you know that the place can give you some magnificent picture during sunset? During sunset, colours of the bay show the magical side of nature assuring you best 30-minute ride from Manly beach.

    You can take some amazing pictures of Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. For best pictures, take a place in front of the ferry and increase your shutter speed to at least 1/250sec or even 1/500sec.

    Also, consider having high ISO of 400 or more. With these calculations, you will definitely be able to take some gorgeous pictures. Yes, do not forget to take a silhouette photograph, it’ll actually look good.

  • Take a walk in Darlinghurst

    Take a walk in Darlinghurst

    For this book a morning you are free (if not make yourself free). Once you do this, take a walk around Liverpool Street from Hyde square to Darlinghurst Road. Prefer doing this before having breakfast or brunch.

    The area will give you a deep sneak into the old Sydney culture. It has buildings that date back to the 18th century. Take a creative touch while clicking the pictures here.

    Also, I’d recommend you to visit the place before breakfast. Doing this you can avoid harsh hours and also can relish Sydney’s delicious breakfast once you are done with your work.

  • Newton Cemetery

    Newton Cemetery

    , before you make plans, let me tell you that this isn’t a usual cemetery and can be one of the quirkiest places you’ve ever visited. The old cemetery is located in the backyard of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. The cemetery can be one of the unusual corners of Sydney to visit but you can undoubtedly get some good clicks at the site.

    I would suggest you visit the place during the day time. Somewhere in the early hours of the morning, as the day can give you exposure to harsh sunlight and dark shadows while visiting at night can be ‘horror movie experience’.

    The place has no gates and can be accessed from the street. Try capturing black and white photos to give more lively effect to your photographs.

  • South Head Walk – The Gap

    South Head Walk – The Gap

    The place isn’t just lovely because it can give you some astonishing pictures, but it can also give you sweet lifetime memories. Prefer visiting the place in early morning hours. The bright orange light touching your footsteps and the colour dipped ocean adding bliss to the mesmerising coastal site. Reaching this spot isn’t tough.

    You can come riding your own vehicle or can take a bus from Bodi Junction to Watsons Bay (#324 or #325). You also have the option to choose ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay.

    Talking about the kind of pictures you can take, that really depends on the time you arrive and the scenic beauty which intimidates your soul the most at that particular moment. However, consider carrying a tripod with you. It might prove helpful.

  • Hickson Road Reserve

    Hickson Road Reserve

    The spot has a commendable space in the hearts of the tourists for all the good reasons. The primary reason behind its popularity is that it gives perfect pictures of Harbour Bridge and the Luna Park in its background. You can visit the place during sunrise or sunset.

    However, I would like to suggest you come at a little late night hours when it is comparatively darker. The reason behind is that there are numerous pictures of the sunrise and sunset already available.

    Talking about your picture. A long exposure click giving milk effect to the bay area can be great. If this doesn’t work for you, click a black and white. It always works at such locations.

  • McMahons Point Wharf

    McMahons Point Wharf

    Consider taking a ferry from Circular Quay. McMahons Point Wharf will be your second stop from Balmain direction. You can visit here anytime in the morning or night.

    However, I would suggest you avoid during days if you don’t want a lot of people around. Besides ferry, you also have the option to visit the place by train. Simply step out at North Sydney Station and take a 15 min walk from there.

    Once done with your photography session, you can also spend some time at the cafes located in the area.


We often visit the places like Opera House and other famous spots and take pictures, this is something everyone does (and I don’t stop you to). However, I recommend you to visit the aforementioned places also. You never know that you might get a picture that can add to your canvas prints collection.