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Canvas Print Sizes Styled At Home: 5 Most Popular Options

5 Most Popular Options Canvas Print Sizes Styled At Home
Canvas Print Sizes Styled At Home: 5 Most Popular Options

By CanvasChampSeptember, 24 2021April, 01 2022Comment

Whether it's choosing the right picture to be printed on canvas, designing a feature wall with custom canvas prints, or simply deciding which canvas size to buy for your DIY canvas creation, the choices are endless. 

But for different places, you need other canvas sizes, and picking up canvas print sizes depends mainly on the type of artwork you intend to display, your wall size, and furniture. Your next design project or room will look thrown off if you buy a canvas print that's too small or too big.

Why Choosing The Right Size Canvas Print is Important?

Whatever your next canvas creation is, selecting the correct canvas size can make or break the outcome. The incorrect estimation of the canvas print size can result in either an oversized or undersized canvas print. Likewise, if you decide to hang artwork on a wall or space out of proportion to it, the project is sure to go awry.

But, your latest home décor projects can be completed when you confidently make the right purchase. Among the most popular canvas prints from CanvasChamp are the standard five custom size canvas prints. 

The following article contains a list of the five most popularly used custom size canvas prints Australia. And, our complete guide will help you determine which prints size is suitable for you by canvas print sizes comparison.

5 Most Popular Canvas Print Sizes :

CanvasChamp is known for these five most popular canvas prints sizes. Read on to see whether it will suit you too!

  • 12” X 12” Size Canvas Prints : Add Style To Your Home

With Instagram's popularity on the rise, it is no surprise that these 12” X 12” size canvas prints are also gaining in popularity. It's effortless to style 12 x 12 canvas print individually or in groups, making them the perfect fit for your like-able photos.

Most people prefer canvas frames with a square shape. And that’s where the 12 X 12 canvas photo prints art makes a fantastic room accent and brings a sense of cohesiveness to the room. 

The size of a 12 by 12 canvas print makes it an ideal size for practically any room. Moreover, despite the small size of a 12 by 12 canvas, it is still possible to display a large photo collage, therefore suitable for gallery walls, bookshelves, workplaces, etc.

  • 16” X 20” Size Canvas Prints : Making Your Memories Vivid

There's a reason why 16 X 20 canvas prints are a favourite among canvas lovers. You can present your most precious memories in these pictures, and they'll seem more vivid once they're placed alongside your home decor, thanks to their versatile size. 

The 16 X 20 canvas photo print is one of the most popular canvas sizes, and these size canvas prints look great in pairs. In addition, you can place some quotes or sayings below the image to remember a treasured moment in your life. 

In addition to wedding photos, tall buildings and expansive landscapes, these size canvas prints are perfect for displaying family members’ portraits.

Ideally, this piece would be incorporated into a collection of wall art for ample space, but you can also decorate your hallway with this canvas size. It does, however, look beautiful almost anywhere. 

  • 30” X 40” Size Canvas Prints : Make A Bold Statement 

When confronted with a large blank wall, you need a large canvas to make a bold statement and brighten up the room. For you to make that bold statement, you need large 30 X 40 canvas prints. In addition to being famous, it will be a great statement piece for your home. 

Throughout a room, just one piece of a canvas print this size can enliven any space. And not just the beauty, but you can play with its creativity too because canvas prints of this size allow you to express yourself. 

You can add a quote with inspiring words to a design along with multiple photos and artwork. Large canvas artworks are usually displayed over a sofa or a bed in a room. So, just ensure to use tones that are complementary to the room's colour scheme. 

  • 36” X 24” Size Canvas Prints : Creating A Gallery-like Atmosphere

Impress your guests with this sizable 24x36 canvas print that will add a sense of grandeur to any room. Of course, it would be better to use this size canvas print as the wall’s centrepiece if there is enough wall space. You can also create a gallery-like atmosphere by choosing artistic photos. 

This size is great if you want to hang one framed photo and display several smaller framed photos. You can also display an image on this rectangular canvas print to create a visual impact.

As a standalone piece, the canvas is best, but you can also use it as a headboard on the bed or over the sofa.

  • 48” X 16” Size Canvas Prints : Bigger Is Better

Are you struggling to decorate an ample space in your house? Then, canvas prints of 48" x 16" will fit your needs. When choosing a photo size for canvas print this large, you should be careful to use high-quality images only. Also, the canvas must be large enough to accommodate the wall due to its horizontal nature and thin size.

You need to match the decor and furnishings in the room. Ideally, you should display the canvas in a living room or hallway.

You can create your family name using letter art canvas to make the painting look eye-catching, or you can paint any jaw-dropping panoramic view you like in this size to amaze your guests.

The size of this feature piece is perfect for large expanses of bare wall space in a living room where a big statement piece is required. 

Did You Find a Canvas Print Size You Were Looking For?

We hope you find this article helpful and select the right canvas print size for you. Having such a handy guide adds fun to the home decor process. But, before you choose a canvas size, make sure that the size fits your desired location. 

However, if you want to browse through more canvas print sizes apart from the above, you can check our canvas prints available in large sizes.