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Photo Coasters to Portray and Protect Your Life

Valentine’s Day just happens to swoosh past us every time it comes. But often we end up trying to please with grand gestures towards our partners when only the little things that we do every day that matter the most. So this post-Valentine, how about you still extend some love towards your other half with something as simple and useful as photo coasters?

Custom Photo Puzzles For Kids and Adults in Art

Puzzles today can be done by anyone. But mostly puzzles are seen for kids who are toddlers and for elders who are in the nursing homes. Why? Photo puzzles today are booming in the market for so many reasons instead, especially for its artistic ones..find out in this blog how you can use custom photo puzzles if you are into art, however.

3 Perfect Ways to Use Personalised Photo Magnets

Fridge magnets are used for many reasons in homes, especially to hold your bills and grocery lists. Favourite photos and cute little notes also hold up pretty nicely but ever heard of personalised photo magnets taking over the internet? Find out how easily photo magnets replaced fridge magnets with an additional three benefits in our homes and lives!

Gift Happy Memories on Acrylic Blocks During Any Occasion

Giving away expensive gifts every time can severely deplete savings in the long run just because you wanted to look good to your colleague or neighbour. But now you can gift someone something only as personal and thoughtful at an affordable price which looks expensive and also will make the recipient feel special!

Australia’s Biggest Boxing Day Exclusive at CanvasChamp

Australia just loves Boxing Day, doesn’t it? While most of you would be meeting up relatives, friends, and family but the rest would be having fun going through the sporting events happening across the continent! Boxing day not only makes people come together like Christmas but it also unites people in shopping through discounts. So, this Boxing Day, CanvasChamp decided to give everyone some fantastic discounts to celebrate togetherness in a much better way!

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